Name URL Class Status Description
10 By 10 S17 A marketplace for recruiters to match engineers with jobs
70MillionJobs S17 A recruitment platform for people with criminal records
Advano S17 Advano's silicon nanoparticles increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries 30-40% without sacrificing battery life or increasing the battery cost
Airthium S17 We make large scale (1MW+) thermodynamic energy storage systems
AssemblyAI S17 API for customizable, affordable speech recognition
Audm S17 The subscription service for spoken-word audio content
AutoHub S17 A marketplace for car dealers to buy and sell used cars from each other
BillionToOne S17 Prenatal genetic testing for every expecting mother
Caelum Health S17 Replacing drugs with software. We use behavioral medicine, delivered digitally, to treat diseases where drugs don't work
Cambridge Cancer Genomics S17 CCG empowers clinicians to make personalised treatment strategies for cancer patients
CarDash S17 Managed marketplace for automotive services
Carrot Fertility S17 Fertility benefits for modern companies
Cashfree S17 Next-Gen digital payments provider for India
Claire S17 Claire is a chatbot for testing consumer products for brands and retailers
CocuSocial S17 Marketplace for local activities
Contract Simply S17 Helping banks expedite construction loans
Covetly S17 Covetly gives collectors a better way to buy and sell the things they covet
CureSkin S17 AI dermatologist for India
D-ID S17 Protecting faces from being identified by facial recognition technologies
Darmiyan S17 Early detection of Alzheimer's disease
Dharma Labs S17 The Protocol for Borrowing and Lending on Blockchains
Dropleaf S17 Subscription service for all-you-can-play indie PC games
Elucd S17 Polling through mobile ads to enable governments to make better decisions
Entocycle S17 Automated factory to produce insect protein for farm animals
Enzyme S17 Enzyme builds software that helps life science companies with FDA approval and compliance
Escher Reality S17 The backend for Augmented Reality
Fastpad S17 Hiring software for India
Fat Lama S17 The first fully insured peer-to-peer rental marketplace with focus on high-end professional equipment
Feather S17 Feather is a modern-day furniture rental company for millennials and businesses
Flock S17 Flock makes wireless security systems for neighborhoods
Flowspace S17 On-demand warehousing for business
Forever Labs S17 We bank your stem cells to help you live healthier, longer
FriendSpot S17 FriendSpot is a group messaging app that helps you coordinate with your friends to meet up in the real world
Gameday S17 Play fantasy sports with friends on Facebook Messenger
Gamelynx S17 A spectator-friendly mobile eSport game for hardcore gamers
Goosebump S17 Find the best electronic music events in a single message
Gopher S17 Get things done without leaving your inbox
Greo S17 A mobile video app for conversations about current events
Guggy S17 Guggy is building the messaging app of the future with real-time, NLP-based personalized GIFs
Guilded S17 Team management for eSports
Gustav S17 The marketplace for staffing agencies
Headstart S17 Headstart uses Machine Learning to help companies only hire people that would be a good fit for their culture
HealthWiz S17 A SaaS platform to lower employers' healthcare costs by helping employees find convenient cost-efficient treatments when they're sick
Helium Health S17 Electronic medical records for Africa's largest hospitals
Helix Nanotechnologies S17 Using AI to cure genetic disease
HelpWear S17 HelpWear is striving to achieve better at-home healthcare
Honeydue S17 The simplest way for couples to manage money, together
HotelFlex S17 The first fully-flexible hotel booking model that lets you check-in and check-out of your room at anytime you want and pay accordingly
Indivio S17 Indivio empowers marketers with software automation to easily create, test, and optimize Facebook and Instagram ads with mass-customizable videos
Just Appraised S17 Just Appraised automates property valuation for local governments. We use machine learning to verify property transactions and provide more accurate valuations
Kestrel Materials S17 Kestrel Materials makes temperature-responsive fabrics for bedding and clothes - thin when warm and thick when cool
Lambda School S17 We train people to be software engineers for free in exchange for a share of their future income
Leon & George S17 Buying and owning indoor potted plants made easy
Life Bot S17 We help you with your daily routines like hearing personalised news, setting reminders or managing calendars
Loop Support S17 We do customer support as a service
LotusPay S17 Recurring payments solution for businesses in India
Lyrebird S17 Lyrebird allows you to create a digital voice that sounds like you with only one minute of audio S17 speeds up computer programs by spreading them automatically onto several cores
May Mobility S17 May Mobility deploys fleets of autonomous vehicles for central business districts, enterprise campuses, and residential communities
Meetingbird S17 Automated meeting scheduling for teams
Modern Fertility S17 Modern Fertility is an at-home fertility test for women who aren't ready for kids right now but want to check in on where they stand
Modular Science S17 We're improving farming using robots and science
Mystery Science S17 We're fixing STEM education by giving elementary teachers a virtual science expert to co-teach the class
Mystro S17 Mystro is an app that makes on-demand drivers 30% more money by automatically accepting the most profitable fares across multiple apps
Net30 S17 Online invoicing and payments for construction companies
NextDrop S17 NextDrop is the water marketplace for urban India. We connect water buyers with suppliers
Nimble S17 A better applicant tracking system for schools
Oncobox S17 Finding the right cancer drug for each patient
OneLocal S17 OneLocal is a CRM for local businesses
PAYFAZZ S17 WeChat Pay for Indonesia
Peergrade S17 Students grade each others' work to save teachers time and to learn more
Piggy S17 An app for Indians to make investments in mutual funds, manage their investment portfolios, and save for retirement. Vanguard for India
Pilot S17 Pilot lets companies build teams from our pool of vetted engineering and design talent
Plasticity S17 APIs that help developers create human-like natural language interfaces
Polly S17 Polly is a social polling app for Snapchat and Instagram stories
PreDxion Bio S17 Fast blood test to save the lives of ER patients
Prelim S17 A mobile-first platform that can power in-person and online retail and commercial product originations for financial institutions
Prism IO S17 User research as a service - we help you get feedback from your churned/lost users and target audience
PullRequest S17 Code review as a service - combining static tools with on-demand reviewers for code quality
Py S17 Py is a mobile app that teaches software engineers new skills and matches them with job opportunities
Pyka S17 Pilotless, short takeoff and landing electric airplanes large enough to carry humans. We're starting with autonomous crop dusting
Quilt Data S17 Quilt is creating Docker for data. Large enterprises in banking and clean energy use Quilt to deploy, version, and audit their data
Relationship Hero S17 Our live experts help solve your problems with family, friends, romantic partners and coworkers. Available 24x7 over chat or phone
Retool S17 Build internal tools dramatically faster
Rev Genomics S17 Rev is a biotechnology company creating new strains of cannabis
RideAlong S17 We bridge the information gap between police officers and service providers
Roofr S17 Marketplace for roofing with instant satellite roofing estimates for homeowners
SMB Rate S17 An easy way to find small business loans
Seed S17 Mobile banking for small business
ShiftDoc S17 ShiftDoc is an on-demand healthcare staffing marketplace for private practices
Sixty S17 Partner program as a service for SaaS companies
Skyways S17 Creating a new form of air transportation
Slik S17 Slik enables the long tail to use email outreach
Solve S17 We save travelers hours by meeting them at their arrival gate, expediting the immigration/customs process, and making sure they're safely off in their vehicle
SourceBeacon S17 SourceBeacon is an on-demand procurement concierge for sourcing products from China
Sourceress S17 AI sourcer that scales your recruiting team
Standard Cognition S17 AI-powered checkout for retail
Sudden Coffee S17 No-brew coffee - the easiest way to have great coffee
Sunfolding S17 Sunfolding builds next generation infrastructure for solar farms
Sunu S17 Sunu develops devices that augments human capacities to empower the disabled
Surematics S17 We help commercial insurance brokers structure complicated deals using blockchain technology
Templarbit S17 Protecting applications from malicious activity
Thematic S17 Thematic analyses customer feedback to tell companies how to increase satisfaction and decrease churn
Totemic Labs S17 A hardware device for senior care to allow them to age in place and their loved ones can know they are safe
Tpaga S17 Mobile wallet for Latin America
Ubiq S17 Screen-sharing for enterprise conference rooms
UpCodes S17 Online tools to help with construction compliance
VIDA & Co. S17 Platform for unique products produced on-demand at mass-scale
Value Voting S17 Platform to defeat political extremism through strategic primary voting
Vanido S17 Vanido is your personal AI music teacher, starting with singing. Available for iOS
VergeSense S17 AI-Powered building management
Warren S17 Warren helps your AP/AR team automate sending/receiving payments, find errors, request authorization from supervisors, and streamline your company's cash flow
WheelStreet S17 WheelStreet is a Motorbike rental marketplace that connects motorcycle rental vendors in India with riders
Wildfire S17 Wildfire is a hyperlocal news app that notifies you in real-time when a major event (from safety to a celebrity sighting) occurs near you
ZenSourcer S17 Email automation for recruiters
Zendar S17 We make high definition radar allowing self-driving cars to see in all weather conditions
Zinc Platform S17 Insurance distribution infrastructure
bxblue S17 A marketplace for people with guaranteed income in Brazil
dahmakan S17 A food delivery startup in South-East Asia that produces ready-to-eat meals at scale and bulk-delivers meals S17 Helps real estate agents manage, share and review property disclosures
muzmatch S17 Where 400M single Muslims meet
ACLU W17 Defender of rights and liberties
AON3D W17 Industrial 3D printing for manufacturing
Aella Credit W17 Aella Credit is a provider of financial employee benefits. We enable employees to borrow at competitive rates through their employers.
AlemHealth W17 AI Radiologist in a Box - We provide a vertically integrated AI radiology solution for hospitals and radiology centres in emerging market to ensure access to radiology anywhere.
Ambient W17 Visual intelligence for the real world.
Apozy W17 Software that stops phishing and malware in the browser.
Armory W17 Continuous Deployment for the Enterprise.
Arthena W17 Quantitative Investment in Art Assets
Beek W17 Today - Biggest book review site in Latin America. Tomorrow - Biggest everything review site in Latin America
Bicycle AI W17 Bicycle AI provides customer support as a service. We work on top of existing helpdesks and respond to repetitive and routine support requests. We've built a full stack solution that marries human & machine intelligence.
Bitrise W17 Hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery for mobile apps
BloomAPI W17 BloomAPI helps doctors share clinical data. Today most healthcare data is still sent by fax and mail. BloomAPI has built technology that can be set up in minutes and share this data in real time.
Breaker W17 A podcast company.
Bulk MRO Industrial Supply W17 Bulk MRO is the Alibaba for Enterprises in India. We supply over 1.4m products across 5k brands to the largest corporations of India.
Bulletin W17 WeWork for Retail Space
Buypower W17 Buypower is the Paypal of Africa starting from Nigeria by making the purchase of electricity extremely easy for Africans. We light up homes at the click of a button.
Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems W17 At CBAS we are standardizing the hardware & software interface between the body and any bionic device. Our aim is to enable high functionality bionics for treating health conditions to be easily and cheaply developed & delivered to patients.
Cartcam W17 Cartcam is an app for opinionated, deal-seeking shoppers. It gives people discounts for creating short video reviews.
Clear Genetics W17 Clear Genetics is automating genetic counseling
Clipboard Health W17 We connect nurses with jobs they love and information they can trust.
Collectly W17 Stripe for Medical Debt Collection. We help doctors collect 2x more debt than they have ever done before. Disrupting the $280B market.
Cowlar W17 Fitbit for dairy cows. Farms use cowlar's alerts & recommendations to improve dairy margins by 30%. We charge $3 / month per cow for the service. We are IoT & machine learning experts solving a real problem for dairy farms.
Credy W17 Credy is an online platform for P2P lending, backed by biometric ID and leveraging India's latest digital infrastructure.
DELEE W17 A medical device company who created a device capable of isolating Circulating Tumor Cells, 10x times faster than the nearest competence, label-free approach, and high purities
DocTalk W17 Paid WhatsApp connecting Indian patients to Indian doctors
Dost Education W17 Empower parents of any literacy level to get their child ready for kindergarten.
Fibo W17 MS Office like bundle for non-desk teams. Includes scheduling, messaging, time/work tracking, etc. for service, maintenance and construction companies.
Fiix W17 Fiix sends expert auto mechanics to your home, so you don't have to waste time & money at the repair shop. It's essentially an Uber for auto repair.
Firsthand W17 Firsthand makes software-enabled, self-serve retail kiosks that carry high margin products. They average $120/kiosk in daily net revenue and cost $300/kiosk to make. Payback period is three days.
FloydHub W17 Floyd is Heroku for Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Run and deploy your project to the cloud with zero-setup.
Hivy W17 An end-to-end platform for office management. We enable office management teams to gather employees' requests, collaborate on projects and manage their vendors.
Hogaru W17 Hogaru provides professional cleaning services to millions of small and medium sized businesses in Latin America. Differently from marketplaces, we employ directly our cleaners, to retain them for the long term and maintain high quality standards.
Humi W17 Humi is beautiful, free HR software in the cloud. We make money by brokering insurance to the companies on our platform, and by charging for our more advanced modules (Applicant tracking, Employee performance, etc).
Indee W17 Indee develops hardware for gene delivery. Our focus is on gene-modified cell therapy production. Gene-modified cell therapies are the most effective platform for patients with late-stage and advanced disease.
Indigo Fair W17 Indigo Fair connects independent retailers with the makers of products their customers are guaranteed to love.
InnaMed W17 We're creating a connected home blood testing device to improve post acute care.
Kangpe W17 African healthcare is broken, Kangpe is combining telemedicine and health insurance to make healthcare cheaper and easier to access
KidPass W17 ClassPass for Kids Activities. A marketplace for parents to discover and book kids activities.
Kudi W17 Payments for Africa, over chat.
Ledger Investing W17 Marketplace for insurance securitization.
LitHit W17 Smart Target for Shooting Sports
Lively W17 401(k) for healthcare.
MDacne W17 We build MDacne, a mobile app that helps people solve their skin problems using computer vision. 500M people have acne of them are 90% untreated. Using MDacne they get a customized treatment solution from their smartphone in less than 5 minutes.
Marketfox W17 Marketing automation platform optimized for mobile and web.
Mednet W17 Network of doctors helping each other treat cancer
Mere Coffee W17 The future of coffee. Keurig convenience meets cafe quality.
Millibatt W17 Millibatt makes world's smallest and most customizable batteries. Millibatt's new small battery technology delivers more than 2x higher energy density than existing small batteries.
Movebutter W17 A Modern Trader Joe's. We make and ship our own brand of groceries all over the country.
NanoNets W17 Easy to use Machine Learning API. Needs 10 times less data.
Neema W17 Neema is an app for unbanked workers, which provides a checking account, a debit-card and instant remittance to 90 countries, all for $3 a month.
Niles W17 Knowledge Assistant for Work.
No Lean Season W17 A bus ticket out of poverty
Origin W17 Keurig for healthy smoothies.
Pantheon W17 Pantheon allows anyone to create VR games.
Paragon One W17 Online college career service. Parents pay $3,000 and our platform automatically connects students with professionals from successful companies who coach them on picking the right career and preparing for interviews. 100% of students get offers.
Peer5 W17 P2P delivery network that enables high quality video streaming at massive scale.
Penny W17 Penny makes keeping track of your finances as easy as having a conversation.
Pit.AI W17 AI-Powered Hedge Fund, committed to charging 0% Management Fees. Return - 40%, Sharpe Ratio - 3.2.
Playment W17 Mechanical Turk for enterprises.
REZI W17 OpenDoor for leases
RankScience W17 SEO Automation + Split-Testing
Request Network W17 Request Network is a decentralized network for payment requests. Sort of Paypal 2.0
Returnbase W17 We solve returns for retailers.
Riley W17 Lead qualification as a service.
Rippling W17 Throw away your new hire checklist
Sandbox W17 Sandbox is an app store for banks. It helps them integrate and deploy software from fintech startups. W17 The Universal API
ScopeAI W17 Automatically extract valuable insights from customer service conversations using AI
Scribe W17 Scribe is an AI based Sales Development Representative that you can hire in 10 minutes. Scribe automates an SDR's job, from finding leads all the way up till scheduling calls over email.
ServX W17 ServX is India's premier mobile app for auto repairs. We connect drivers with vetted local garages, with high quality service and spare parts.
Shipamax W17 Shipamax is on a mission to fix the ship booking experience.
Simple Habit W17 Simple Habit is the Netflix of meditation. The company has the world's largest curated library of 5 minute meditations, designed for different situations and moods.
Sinovia Technologies W17 Flexible printed OLED displays.
Smart Alto W17 Messaging robot that helps real estate agents respond to leads.
Snappr W17 Snappr lets you instantly book a pre-vetted photographer at a fixed price, only hours ahead of the shoot time, from $59.
Soomgo W17 Soomgo is Thumbtack for Korea/Asia. We are a marketplace that helps local service providers such as movers, piano teachers, and wedding planners find new customers.
Speak W17 An AI English tutor that is the best way to become conversationally fluent in English.
Supr Daily W17 Daily milk delivery service in India
Sycamore W17 Marketplace for companies to add a delivery driver in 5 minutes.
Symple W17 Symple is Venmo for B2B payments. We make it easy to pay your vendors, get paid by your customers, and manage the invoice workflow end-to-end.
Terark W17 Fastest Storage Engine with the Best Compression, we enables direct search on highly compressed data, making databases 200X faster random read with 10X smaller storage,resulting in larger scalability with lower cost for big data/cloud applications
Tetra W17 AI notetaker for phone calls
The Centre for Effective Altruism W17 We're your non-profit portfolio managers. We make giving to high-impact charities as easy as investing with Vanguard. We're building a community of donors who put outcomes first and give with the head as well as the heart.
Token Transit W17 A mobile app to pay for public transportation. We sell a mobile ticketing platform for transit agencies.
Tolemi W17 Tolemi is Palantir for city governments.
Trade W17 We're building Africa's Commodity Exchange.
Tress W17 Tress is a social community for black women's hairstyles. We are building a social community for black women to discover hairstyle inspiration, find stylists, buy products and discuss their hair needs with an engaged community.
UpKeep Maintenance Management W17 We make beautiful, easy to use mobile software for maintenance teams
Upcall W17 Upcall provides outbound call professionals on-demand, through its communication platform & API, helping customers fuel their sales pipeline and engage with existing users in minutes.
Veryfi W17 A new and better way to automate construction bookkeeping and enable jobsite intelligence.
Vinsight W17 We are building the world's real-time source of commodities supply through yield forecasts on crops.
Vize Software W17 Vize is an agile data experimentation platform. It helps analysts prepare, discover, and analyze data on-the-fly without coding, and gives real-time visual feedback on every action.
VoiceOps W17 VoiceOps helps sales managers optimize their team's customer calls.
Volt Health W17 Volt Health is developing medical devices that deliver electrical stimulation to the muscles of the body to treat disease, starting with urinary incontinence.
Voodoo Manufacturing W17 AWS for manufacturing. Our robotic 3D printing factory can make 1-10k plastic parts in less than 2 weeks, at injection molding prices.
WaystoCap W17 We are Alibaba of Africa. We are building a marketplace for African businesses to buy and sell products giving SMEs access to commerce.
Wifi Dabba W17 Building largest and affordable wireless ISP in India. W17 Comcast for Africa
Wright Electric W17 Boeing for electric planes W17 XIX uses AI to make your phone predict what you want before you even ask
Zestful W17 Find and book awesome group activities for your team.
boxouse W17 portable, affordable, beautiful smart homes
lvl5 W17 HD maps for self-driving cars.
volans-i W17 B2B on-demand delivery service for time-critical shipments using high-speed long-range drones.
Airfordable S16 Buy your flights for a deposit upfront and pay off the rest in installments before your departure date
Airo Health S16 We have built the world's first automatic calorie-intake tracker.
AmberBox S16 Detect Gunshots | Inform Law Enforcement | Empower First Responders
ApolloShield S16 ApolloShield is a system that detects unwanted drones and drives them away.
Aptonomy S16 Aptonomy has developed intelligent security drones that serve as your flying security guards. They tirelessly patrol outside your property around the clock, and actively deter crime by establishing physical presence at the site.
Athelas S16 Rapid blood diagnostics through deep learning.
BulldozAIR S16 Visual task management for construction teams
Burrow S16 The luxury couch, re-imagined
CoinTent S16 Recover revenue lost to ad blockers
Coub S16 Coub is YouTube for video loops. You can take any video from YouTube, Facebook or upload your own. Trim it to the best part, mix it with other videos or add a soundtrack
CrowdAI S16 Infrstructure and other feature detection from satellite imagery. We use deep learning computer vision algorithms to detect infrastructure, such as roads, buildings, and other features, from satellite imagery.
Curtsy S16 Curtsy is an app that lets women rent dresses from each other.
DevColor S16 We give Black software engineers the support they need to enter and advance in the tech industry.
Drivezy S16 Airbnb for cars in India. $120 k net revenue per month. $500 dollars average income per car / month Average income of an Indian is also 500 dollars. " car is an earning member of your family "
Elemeno Health S16 The first personal assistant for frontline healthcare teams. We get nurses, docs, and staff on the same page. Through just-in-time microlearning, we put best practices in their hands, and drive quality and consistency at the point of care.
EventGeek S16 EventGeek in event intelligence. We help companies drive higher event ROI through competitive intelligence, team productivity and sales enablement.
ExVivo Labs S16 ExVivo Labs is developing a non-invasive skin patch for allergy testing, making the process safe, simple and certain.
Expo S16 Expo brings together the best of web (development speed, fast iteration cycles, easy deploys, and automatic cross-platform support) and the performance and user experience of native apps. Let's talk if you're planning to build a mobile app.
Fabric S16 echoworks is Arun Vijayvergiya and Nikolay Valtchanov, two former Facebook engineers. We make Fabric, an iOS app that automatically and privately catalogs your real-world experiences and interactions.
Farmstead S16
Flutterwave S16 One API for any kind of payment across Africa. We partner with banks help large companies like Uber accept Credit Card, ACH, mobile money and cash token payments from across Africa.
GTRACK Technologies S16 Nanoparticle tracers for reservoir characterization during hydraulic fracturing.
GoGoGrandparent S16 GoGoGrandparent is an automated concierge for seniors and their families that allows them to order rides, meals and groceries from a flip phone or landline.
HiOperator S16 Customer support as a service. We augment your existing team. Plans are pay-as-you-go, scaling up or down as needed based on incoming volume. We are US based, charge on a per *solved* case basis, not per reply, and you only need to train us once.
Hush S16 Hush is a top 10 shopping app (affordable makeup & beauty). We're building the most entertaining shopping experience on mobile.
Innov8 S16 We provide co-working offices to startups, freelancers and SMEs in India.
Instrumentl S16 Instrumentl simplifies the grants process for researchers and nonprofits.
Iris Automation S16 Collision avoidance system for industrial drones. Our mission is to enable the $23bn industrial drone revolution.
Joy S16 Joy is a tool that helps couples plan their wedding from engagement to honeymoon and everything in between.
Jumpcut S16 Online courses that look and feel like movies. Industry completion rates are 10%. Ours are 65%.
Legalist S16 Legalist provides algorithmic litigation financing for small businesses with meritorious lawsuits.
Lendsnap S16 The Digital Mortgage Company. Lendsnap automatically gathers loan qualifying documents and data to take the pain out of lending. Lendsnap is the only account aggregator enhancing portfolio liquidity with original source documents.
Livement S16 Livement is a mobile app that sells tickets and concessions for sports stadiums
Lollicam S16 The easiest and funniest video creation app to create beautiful moments with your friends and family. It will connect all the contents from movie, animation, cartoon, game and any you love with your everyday life.
Looklive S16 Looklive is a community and marketplace for fashion. Users browse the style of celebrities and shop their looks.
Meesho S16 Meesho is the simplest way for Indie sellers in India to setup, manage and grow their business on Facebook and WhatsApp.
Mentat S16 Mentat helps young professionals get great jobs.
MessageBird S16 MessageBird is an API for sending Text, Voice & Chat messages. We offer the most advanced messaging API, packed with features and customizable parameters for high-volume and demanding message senders.
Metapacket S16 Metapacket is the first selective web gateway that stops malware by blocking non-human communication in corporate networks.
Mindori S16 Mindori builds white-label voice search for e-commerce apps.
Miso S16 Instantly book quality home cleanings in South Korea.
Multiply Labs S16 At Multiply Labs, we use 3D printers to manufacture polypills - customized pills that contain multiple medications and release them at the right time.
NeoWize S16 NeoWize created a new type of machine learning algorithm and uses it to improve personalization algorithms in e-commerce sites.
New Incentives S16 Cash transfers that save lives.
Nova Credit S16 API for global consumer finance information
NuCypher S16 Secure data sharing for distributed systems.
OMG Digital S16 Buzzfeed/Vox Media for Africa
OOHLALA Mobile S16 OOHLALA is building the mobile OS for higher education. We power over 150 institutions in 7 countries to improve student engagement and communication on campus.
Opsolutely S16 Automated deployments for software teams.
PatientBank S16 dead Get medical records online from any doctor or hospital. S16 AI for aligning sales & marketing in enterprise.
Polymail S16 Email productivity platform for business.
Proxy S16 Proxy is a new way to access your office, building, or apartment, and it is simple. Just use your phone.
Quero Education S16 Quero is an online marketplace for college programs in Brazil. It helps students search, compare and enroll in programs in over 700 partner colleges, saving money on tuition.
Raptor Maps S16 Raptor Maps helps farmers A/B test their produce by using drones and machine vision.
Revlo S16 dead Revlo helps broadcasters on Twitch engage and monetize their fan base. We do this by allowing broadcasters to create interaction opportunities for their fans at scale.
Robby Technologies S16 We are building a fleet of autonomous mobile robots that travel on sidewalks and deliver things to your doorstep, at low cost and high efficiency.
RocketLit S16 RocketLit is an adaptive learning and assessment platform. We write articles at 7 different reading levels, serve them to every student in a classroom at their independent reading level, and fluidly adapt the level students receive as they improve.
Rose Rocket S16 Rose Rocket is a marketplace for trucking companies.
Sage Care S16 Get care at home for mom or dad from trusted professionals in their neighborhood. Manage visits through text and email.
Saleswhale S16 Saleswhale is an automated sales assistant that follows up with your stale and cold leads, engaging them in two-way conversation - before handing off hot leads to your sales team.
SayMosaic S16 Mosaic is making the next generation of conversational assistant
Scale S16 Scale is an API for human intelligence.
Selfycart S16 Selfycart - let's grocery shoppers scan items and checkout on their phone without waiting in checkout line.
Seneca Systems S16 Constituent system-of-record and service request management software for local government.
Simbi S16 Simbi is a marketplace to barter services.
SimpleCitizen S16 The Digital Immigration and Visa Solution
SkyLights S16 VR on planes as inflight entertainment
SmartPath S16 Financial education and budgeting for hourly and blue collar employees.
Squire Technologies S16 OpenTable for barbershops
Starcity S16 We create comfortable communal housing in San Francisco.
Starsky Robotics S16 Driverless Trucks, for real.
Suiteness S16 Get exclusive access to the best suites at luxury hotels.
Sway Finance S16 Sway is bringing AI to the accounting industry
Techmate S16 A technology concierge for your home. We provide full-service support for all your internet connected devices.
The Athletic S16 Subscription sports media.
The Flex Company S16 FLEX is a new product that replaces tampons.
Upgraded S16 Annual upgrade plans for phones. Enables retailers to offer upgrade plans and financing on devices. Outside the US, in Europe & Asia retailers sell more devices than telcos. We give retailers the Software and Financing to sell more devices.
UtilityScore S16 API for estimating utility costs for every home. Sell to lenders, contractors, and home improvement suppliers to find, engage, and convert customers. Provides personalized recommendations for home improvements that save money on utility bills.
Validere S16 Validere makes a handheld device that provides instant testing of liquid products to large industries. Validere brings lab testing to the field by replacing the need for trained technicians to conduct analytical testing.
Vetcove S16 Vetcove is Kayak for veterinary hospitals. We're a B2B marketplace for the animal health supply chain. Clinics can compare prices and what's in stock among vendors, and buy their pharmaceuticals, biologics, equipment, and supplies from one website.
Vidcode S16 Vidcode teaches teenagers computer science through their favorite video technologies - instagram, snapchat and virtual reality. S16 uses modern technology to radically increase voter turnout. We're raising $775k to run the most innovative, cost-effective voter registration drive in history. If you love technology and democracy, we're your group.
Wallarm S16 Application and API security for the modern web
Whyd S16 We make a beautiful, great sounding, voice-controlled speaker.
Women Who Code S16 WWCode is a non profit with a set of programs that helps mid-career engineers get promoted.
WorkRamp S16 WorkRamp builds training software for the modern workforce for companies like McAfee, Intercom, and PayPal. We provide solutions, data analytics, and best practices to help companies build end-to-end training programs.
Xberts S16 is a cross-border marketplace for Chinese hardware products.
YesGraph S16 exited Acqui-hired by Lyft. YesGraph recommends exactly who a user should invite to an app. Our API can help boost the performance of sharing, referral, and invite flows
Yoshi S16 Gas delivered to your car so you never have to go to the gas station again.
ohmygreen S16 We make employees healthy, happy, productive, and retain better through snacks, beverages, and more
sixa S16 Personal computer in the cloud
Awesound F2 AdWords for podcasts
BillionToOne F2 Fetal genetic testing in India
Bulletin F2 Airbnb for retail
Cerplus F2 B2B marketplace for surplus produce
ConnectHealth F2 Telemedicine and prescription delivery in Africa
Ctzen F2 311 for the developing world
GTRACK Technologies F2 Nanoparticle tracers for fracking
HDP Health F2 Helping clinical trials find patients using AI
Ilium VR F2 Rifle controller for virtual reality
Instrumentl F2 Concierge service for research
Mentat F2 Concierge service for jobseekers
Müvr Labs F2 Fitbit for your knees
OMG Digital F2 Buzzfeed for Africa
Palaround F2 Tinder for private networks
Pramp F2 A free peer-to-peer technical mock interviewing platform for engineers
Queen B Robotics F2 Drones for virtual reality content
Rent Scene F2 Apartment hunters for busy people
Sage F2 Uber for eldercare workers
SmartSite F2 Automated health monitoring for construction sites
Spotbot F2 Track website changes in Slack
Squire F2 OpenTable for barbershops
Suto F2 Personalized product recommendations on demand
Sway F2 Chatbot for company finances
The Flex Company F2 Menstrual product for mess-free period sex
Zube F2 Project management for Github issues
Ambercycle F1 Converts waste textiles into higher value chemicals
Apify F1 Formerly Apifier. The web scraping and automation platform, which enables to turn any website into an API.
Canvas Medical F1 Canvas is a predictive charting interface designed and built exclusively for primary care
Clearbanc F1 Financial services for self-employed, freelancers, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs
Convrge F1 dead Hang out with friends in virtual reality
Cover F1 Get insurance by taking a photo
DNAsimple F1 Donate and find DNA samples online
EnsoData F1 Sleep scoring made easy
FlightMate F1 dead Flexible flight querying with automated booking
HoneyInsured F1 Health insurance recommendation engine
Jetty Financial F1 dead Virtual assistant to manage finances
Legion Analytics F1 End-to-end sales platform
NullSpace VR F1 A haptic feedback suit for VR
Pavlov F1 Connect customers with the right products & services
Pawprint F1 All your pet's data in one place
Restocks F1 Push notifications when sold out products restock
Shypmate F1 Affordable and fast international peer to peer delivery
Staffjoy F1 Better work schedules in less time
StrongIntro F1 Recruiting tool and service that 10x’s your employee referrals
Structik F1 Cheaper and faster industrial 3D printing
VQL F1 The simplest way to see what's in your data F1 Easy to use fundamental investing tools
Able Health W16 Able Health gets doctors paid more for higher quality care
Acre Designs W16 We offer a complete package that makes it simple to build beautiful, zero energy homes.
AlphaFlow W16 AlphaFlow makes investing in real estate as easy as adding stocks to your portfolio. 100% passive with unparalleled diversification
AmberBox W16 Active shooter detection and self monitoring fire alarm systems - the ultimate protection for your business
Birdly W16 We let you access your software data (from Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, etc) through Slack
Bonsai W16 Global operating system for freelance labor
Boom W16 Supersonic passenger airplanes you can afford to fly. Our subscale prototype will fly in late 2017
CareSkore W16 Predictive patient relation management for hospitals, health systems, IDNs and health plans
Castle W16 dead Castle manages rental homes for landlords using automation and on-demand labor W16 Castle analyzes user behavior to stop hackers
Chatfuel W16 Platform to easily create chatbots to engage with audiences on messengers
Chillabit W16 Chillabit is a live feed of funny and relatable student stories that capture student life
Compgun W16 Sales commission software that grows revenue
ConstructVR W16 The simplest way to test, manage, and deploy VR/AR apps at scale
Copia W16 COPIA easily connects businesses with surplus food to local nonprofits in need
Deako W16 We make beautiful connected light switches that allow you to control any light in your home from any switch or your mobile phone
Deepgram W16 Speech search engine and recorded call analytics for business
DevColor W16 We give Black software engineers the support they need to enter and advance in the tech industry
DoseDr W16 Helping diabetes patients use the correct amount of insulin, preventing diabetes complications and hospitalizations
Drive Motors W16 Online checkout for car dealerships
Elucify W16 exited Acquired by CircleBack. Elucify is a data service that provides free sales leads for startups/professionals
Emburse W16 Emburse allows businesses to issue virtual or physical debit cards to employees or contractors
Enflux W16 Motion capture clothing that provides full immersion for VR/AR
Focal Systems W16 A deep learning company building the OS for Brick & Mortar Retail
Function of Beauty W16 Customized formulations of shampoo and conditioners tailored to individual hair goals and needs
Gecko Robotics W16 We develop robots for industrial inspections
Georgette Packaging W16 Georgette Packaging powers the relationship between small businesses and packaging manufacturers
GetAccept W16 GetAccept - Reinventing the sales proposal and eSigning workflow to help salespeople close more deals
Gigwell W16 Gigwell streamlines the booking process between entertainers (performers, DJs and public speakers) and entertainment venues
GitPrime W16 Productivity analytics for software teams
GoLorry W16 New age of logistics
Goodybag W16 An online tool for companies to order food from restaurants and caterers
Hingeto W16 We build crowdfunding sites that lets clothing brands create and sell products without the risk of inventory
HistoWiz W16 Accelerating Histopathology for Cancer Research
Hykso W16 Hykso builds wrist sensors for Boxing and Martial Arts that recognize which type of punches are thrown and calculate their speed
Index W16 Index gets you warm introductions from your colleagues. It marries public information on people with email data on relationships
InnoVein W16 We cure intractable leg wounds with a prosthetic valve for veins
Instabug W16 In-app conversations and bug reporting for mobile apps. We help squash bugs in beta apps and engage users in production apps
Iron Ox W16 Robotic greenhouses for cheaper, sustainable farming
Kip Health W16 Therapy the way it should be - high quality in-person therapy sessions paired with digital support
Kisan Network W16 Online marketplace for Indian agriculture
Konsus W16 On-demand freelancers for business. Email us office tasks, and we assign pre-vetted freelancers based on skill and availability
Landed W16 Landed makes buying a home more affordable and less risky by investing alongside you when you make a down payment
Lattice W16 Modern performance management software. Goal management, weekly check-ins, and 360 performance reviews
LendEDU W16 LendEDU is a marketplace for student loans and student loan refinancing
Luminist W16 Data-driven diagnostic platform for early-stage cancer screening
Lygos W16 Lygos engineers yeast to convert sugar into high-value industrial chemicals
Lynks W16 Lynks is an e-commerce company that makes high demand products accessible to people in developing countries
Magic Instruments W16 Easy-to-play musical instruments through which the user can play music without formal knowledge in music
MagicBus W16 We transport commuters between cities and suburbs. We create new bus routes every day based on where people want to go
MailTime W16 MailTime is an open and mobile messenger built with email technology
Mason America W16 Infrastructure for mobile deployment. Build your own Android device and OS without a hardware team or modifying source code W16 The universal chatbot platform
Meter Feeder W16 Meter Feeder enables local government to accept credit card payment, for parking, without upgrading their infrastructure
Mindori W16 Mindori builds white-label voice search for e-commerce apps
MineralSoft W16 Data management platform for oil & gas assets
Mux W16 Video analytics & infrastructure for developers
NURX W16 Nurx is the fastest way to get oral contraceptives and Truvada for PrEP
NetBeez W16 Detect network problems before users do
Nova W16 Nova helps salespeople write highly personalized, 1-1 emails at scale
OSVehicle W16 OSVehicle is a B2B company that provides a ready-to-use hardware platform that lets companies produce complete electric vehicles
OpenTrons W16 We are building the PC of life-science labs - a robot connected to Mix.Bio, where scientists can download experiments to run
Outschool W16 Community marketplace of classes for kids
Pave W16 Pave analyzes Google Analytics + marketing data and sends you reports on what's working, what's not, and how to improve
Paystack W16 Modern payments infrastructure for Africa
Perlara W16 PLab is a drug discovery platform company for 5,000+ rare genetic diseases
Petcube W16 Petcube is on the mission to improve lives of pets and pet owners using technology
PhysioHealth W16 An enterprise health benefits platform that rewards employees for living healthy and decreases healthcare costs
Pluot Communications W16 Big-screen video conferencing that's inexpensive, easy to set up, and easy to use
PocketSuite W16 PocketSuite lets any entrepreneur run a local business from their smartphone
Podium W16 Collect and manage real-time online reviews and customer feedback
Poppy W16 Poppy makes it easy for parents to find high quality childcare with just a text
Pulpix W16 Content Discovery Inside Video
QueueHop W16 QueueHop is an anti-theft apparel security tag. When a payment is made via mobile, shoppers can unlock the security tag and skip checkout
Qurasense W16 Smart feminine hygiene pad
Rappi W16 Rappi delivers in minutes groceries, cash, clothing, burgers and more. Everything in Bogotá and Mexico delivered for under 1 dollar
Redspread W16 exited Acquired by CoreOS in Oct 2016. Version control for software environments
Relativity W16 Relativity is creating an entirely new process to build and fly rockets
Restocks W16 Push notifications for superconsumers. We make buying coveted products easy
Revl W16 The world’s smartest action camera
SHRI W16 Sanitation and Health Rights in India (SHRI) fights alongside communities to end open defecation
SOUNDBOKS W16 We're creating the loudest battery-driven speaker on the market
STILT W16 We provide simple financial services to immigrants. Our first product is a loan for visa holders (F-1, OPT, H-1B, etc)
Secful W16 SECful secures APIs by detecting and profiling attackers in real-time
SendBird W16 SendBird is the chat API for mobile apps and websites. We help developers build 1-on-1 messaging and group chat in 5 minutes
Sharethebus W16 Book charter buses online
Shypmate W16 Shypmate enables a fast, reliable and cost effective P2P delivery for overseas shoppers
Silver W16 Low cost consumer device for toxin detection
Skymind W16 Cloudera for Deep Learning. We build deep learning solutions for fraud detection, image recognition and predictive analytics
Spinal Singularity W16 Devices to improve the quality of life for people with spinal cord injury and disease
Stealth Worker W16 We are building an marketplace where one can hire cyber security experts by the hour, at affordable rates
Streamup W16 Streamup is a live streaming community for music. We make it fun and easy to watch, chat with, and support your favorite musicians
StrongIntro W16 dead StrongIntro helps recruiters turn their entire company into a source for engineering candidates
TRAC W16 An end-to-end timing solution for any scale athletic event
Thunkable W16 Wordpress / Wix / Squarespace for native mobile apps. Drag, drop and block it to invent your own beautiful app
Tovala W16 Tovala is a smart oven that sits on your countertop and is paired with a companion meal delivery service
Toymail W16 Connected toys that enable two-way voice messaging between children and their friends and family
TrendMD W16 Article recommendation engine for doctors
Truebill W16 Truebill allows users to find, track and manage all their subscriptions and recurring payments from one place
Unima W16 Unima created a lab-on-paper technology that diagnoses infectious diseases faster and at a lower cost than available lab tests
UnnyWorld W16 Video game development company. We are creating unique and revolutionary games
UpLabs W16 UpLabs is a place where designers & developers come to share, discover and interact with resources to build sites and apps
VINEBOX W16 Wine by the glass, at home
Varden Labs W16 Varden Labs is an expert in self-driving technology
Wakie W16 Wake is a voice conversation app. Set a topic and call someone who is interested right away
WorldCover W16 Funding platform for global insurance, starting with crop insurance in the developing world
Yardbook W16 Marketplace & Software Revolutionizing Yard Care
ZenProspect W16 Helping B2B teams ramp up outbound sales
Zenysis W16 For-profit company building powerful data analysis software for developing countries
flexReceipts W16 Smart digital receipts for physical stores to help retailers engage customers and increase sales
iSono Health W16 At-home ultrasound imaging platform for early breast cancer detection
mRelief W16 mRelief has built an easy-to-use platform for low-income Americans to find out if they qualify for important social services W16 AI for conversational commerce. Fortune 500 brands use deep learning platform to build and manage messaging bots
80000 Hours S15 Find a fulfilling career that does good
Afrostream S15 The best black films and TV series
AppCanary S15 exited Acquired by Github. Appcanary monitors your apps and servers, and notifies you whenever you're vulnerable
Auro Robotics S15 exited Acquired by Ridecell. Driverless shuttles. Safe and modern solution for in-campus travel
Bistrobot S15 Bistrobot makes robots that make sandwiches
Bitmovin S15 Video infrastructure for the web S15 exited Acquired by Sendgrid in Mar 2017. The smartest way to boost conversions from your email list
BlueCrew S15 Find work that fits your. Build a flexible career with BlueCrew
Bodyport S15 One step. Your whole health picture
Branch8 S15 One place to sell on every marketplace in the world
Breakout Room S15 Instant replay for mobile apps. Record and replay every user interaction
Call9 S15 Providing quality, compassionate emergency medical care to the people you love most
CareLedger S15 Get free medical care. Find great doctors for tests and procedures
Chaldal S15 An online shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Circle Medical S15 The doctor's office that comes to you
Click & Grow S15 Our smart gardens make it easy to access top-quality ingredients 24/7
Cloudstitch S15 Build and share spreadsheet-powered apps that work anywhere
Cofactor Genomics S15 Using RNA to diagnose disease
Convox S15 Build, deploy, and manage applications with ease
Cymmetria S15 A comprehensive cyber deception solution
Drip Capital S15 Future of global trade finance
Eden S15 Make your office work like magic
Eight Sleep S15 The world's first sleep fitness company
Flirtey S15 Flirtey is making drone delivery possible for everyone
Fonticons S15 Build and manage icons and typefaces in a single place, then serve them with a single line of code
Foxpass S15 Increases your organization's network security by ensuring employee accounts have access only to what they need
GO1 S15 Train your team quickly and easily!
Gemnote S15 Premium corporate gifting made easy
Get Scale S15 Automated recording of your factory's testing
Gigster S15 Hire an elite development team in minutes
Give Campus S15 A social fundraising and engagement platform that empowers educational institutions
GovPredict S15 GovPredict organizes, tracks, and predicts legislative and political activity
Gravitational S15 Appliations delivered as a service on any infrastructure
Greenshoe S15 Cash for your everyday needs
GrowSumo S15 Get paid to recommend products you love
Her S15 Join your community in California and worldwide
Heroic Labs S15 Backend for game developers. Power your games' achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer, and more
Hickory S15 A training tool focused on retention, turning your sales and customer service staff into brand experts
Human Interest S15 The best 401(k) for small businesses and startups.
InnerSpace S15 A community of founders committed to building companies as great as their products
Instant eSports S15 Keep up with the latest eSports news
Instawork S15 The best place to find restaurant jobs
Interviewed S15 exited Acquired by Indeed. Combine structured job assessments and employee testing to identify the strongest job candidates
Ironclad S15 An automated assistant that manages legal paperwork for your company
Jopwell S15 Land your dream job or internship
Klarismo S15 Measure and track your health and fitness potential
L. International S15 For every condom you buy, one is donated to a female entrepreneur in a developing country in need
Leada S15 Remove roadblocks to your data S15 The world's leading coding livestreaming platform
Lugg S15 We load, haul & deliver anything for you. With a few taps, a truck and movers are headed your way in minutes!
Maderight S15 Apparel sourcing, production, and logistics for the modern age
Markhor S15 Markhor makes shoes with attention to details
MicroHealth S15 We help people using biologic meds to succeed in treatment
Mimir S15 We build amazing tools for education
Nebia S15 Experience water. You've taken thousands of showers, but never one like this
New Story Charity S15 We transform slums into sustainable communities. One home at a time with video proof
Ohm S15 Ohm is a drop-in replacement for your car battery
OnboardIQ S15 The most advanced hiring platform for screening and managing a modern workforce, all in one place
Oolu S15 Oolu is an innovative off-grid solar company operating in West Africa
Open Invest S15 Invest with your values. Grow your nest egg with peace of mind
Paribus S15 exited Acquired by Capital One. Find out for free if online stores owe you a refund
PickTrace S15 Fast, affordable PTI compliance. PickTrace was created with the farmer in mind
Plate Joy S15 The happy way to cook & feel great
PlateIQ S15 Automate your restaurant finances
RedCarpetUp S15 Get instant credit for any online purchase
Roomblocker S15 dead Book hotels for groups and events. No fees or markups
Ross Intelligence S15 ROSS is an A.I. lawyer that helps human lawyers research faster and focus on advising clients
Scentbird S15 The thrill of new scents. 30-day supply of any designer fragrance every month
ScopeAR S15 Putting knowledge where you need it
Second Measure S15 See inside companies. Get an edge from consumer spending data
Serica S15 SericaPay makes it easy for customers to feel confident and secure to buy products they need
Seva Coffee S15 Passion for the art of coffee, and the art of precision engineering
ShapeScale S15 Digitize your body in 3D. Know exactly where you lose fat and gain muscle
Shotput S15 Effortlessly get products to customers across the world
Shred Video S15 1-button video editing
Smyte S15 Our trust and safety system stops scams, spam, harassment and credit card fraud before they happen
SourceDNA S15 Code transparency for platform & app developers
Supply S15 Wireless power, through the air
Sywork S15 Watch live illustrators. The journey is long, but it doesn't have to be lonely
Tab S15 Powering local tourism, everywhere
TenantTurner S15 Fewer showings, faster leases, better tenants, and happier owners
Tesorio S15 Saving for buyers. Early payments for vendors
TetraScience S15 Mission control for your lab
The Ticket Fairy S15 Buying tickets to events just got a whole lot better
Transcend Lighting S15 The world's most efficient LED grow lights
Traversal Networks S15 A new form of network intrusion detection system designed to catch unknown threats
Triplebyte S15 We're building a new kind of interview, evaluating tech skills, not credentials
VIVE S15 The best way to book blowouts today, tomorrow, or next week
VOIQ S15 Professional sales call agents teeing-up qualified leads for your sales team
Verge Genomics S15 We use genomic data to find better drugs, faster
Vernox Labs S15 Construction project planning simplified
Vest S15 Invest in peace of mind. Vest builds protected investments
Wheelys Cafe S15 Organic cafes
Willing S15 The best free way to make your legal will online
Xendit S15 Pay and get paid, instantly, for free
Xfers S15 Automate your online banking transactions
Zeplin S15 Build pixel perfect apps in peace. Design hand-off has never been easier
teaBOT S15 Experience loose leaf tea in a completely new way
zPREDICTA S15 We create technology to reconstruct physiologically relevant organ-specific human microenvironments
20n W15 A computational synthetic biology company
Akido Labs W15 The standard API for hospitals
Atomwise W15 Bold funding for big discoveries
Bagaveev Corporation W15 3D printed rocket engines will power a nanosatellite launcher rocket
Bankjoy W15 Mobile banking for credit unions
BlueSmart W15 The world's first smart, connected luggage
Bonfire W15 Bonfire is an RFx tool that lets purchasing teams accept and evaluate supplier submissions quickly
Booktrope W15 Booktrope has pioneered an entirely new choice in book publishing
Bright W15 An exclusive careers network
BuildScience W15 Building management at your fingertips
Chariot W15 The world's first crowdfunded network of commuter routes
Cinder W15 Notifications when food is done. All in a countertop electric grill.
Cleanly W15 Laundry & dry-cleaning delivered at the tap of a button
CloudMedX W15 Improving patient outcomes through data
CribSpot W15 Search 1000s of local houses and apartments
Dealyze W15 Punch cards for the 21st century
DemocracyOS W15 Get from zero to democracy in a click. Build proposals and be the change you want to see
Detroit Water Project W15 You can help keep a family's water on
Diassess W15 Next generation DNA testing. Rapid results by anyone, anywhere in the world
Direct Match W15 A democratic marketplace for debt
DroneBase W15 Get aerial video and data at a fraction of the cost and time
EquipmentShare W15 Rent high quality equipment at the lowest price, guaranteed
Final W15 A credit card built for the 21st century
GitLab W15 Create, review and deploy code together
GiveMeTap W15 Each bottle purchased gives a person in Africa clean drinking water for 5 years
Giveeffect W15 Fundraising, volunteer, and donor management software for your nonprofit
Gradberry W15 Gradberry recommends you to the best jobs in tech by checking your code
GroupAhead W15 Connect your members with your own mobile app
GrubMarket W15 Wholesome foods at wholesale prices
HigherMe W15 Get matched to your perfect job. Thousands of jobs around you
Industrial Microbes W15 We upgrade natural gas to chemicals using synthetic biology
InsiteVR W15 The easiest way to visualize your designs in virtual reality
Instavest W15 Replicate the world's best investments
KickPay W15 Kickpay is a marketplace where businesses can sell their invoices
Kickback W15 Kickback lets you make money playing video games by betting on yourself
Kuhcoon W15 Cross-channel ad campaigns automated with performance data
Labdoor W15 Research, find, and buy the best supplements
Level W15 Beautiful, gallery-style frames delivered right to your door
Luka W15 Luka uses AI to find and book the best places to eat through a chat interface
Lully W15 Lully is scientifically proven to stop night terrors
Lumi W15 Design and order custom-manufactured goods for your business or creative project
Magic W15 Text this phone number to get whatever you want on demand with no hassle
MashGin W15 Automated retail checkout using computer vision
Meadow W15 Buy medical cannabis delivered from local dispensaries
MetricWire W15 Research wherever you are
Moltin W15 The quicker way to build eCommerce applications
NexTravel W15 NexTravel helps companies save time and money on travel
Nomiku W15 Nomiku combines accuracy, versatility and fun in equal measures
Notable Labs W15 Notable Labs helps doctors find combinations of FDA approved treatments that brain cancer patients can use today
Omniref W15 dead Omniref is a code-based reference, maintained by and for the programming community
Open Listings W15 Buy a home without a realtor and save 50% on fees
Outbound W15 Better messages for web and mobile apps
Pachyderm W15 Pachyderm allows you to store and analyze your data using containers
Pakible W15 Design custom packaging for products
Paperspace W15 A super fast, virtual computer you can use for anything
Pigeonly W15 We make inmate services affordable and easy to use, saving you time and money
Platzi W15 Livestreamed classes on programming, design, business and marketing. Learn from industry leaders
Pomello W15 Pomello's data-driven technology helps map company culture, and score applicants for fit
Popular Pays W15 Get exposure on Instagram & photos for your brand
Pretty Instant W15 Capture the magic moments. On-demand photography for your life & office
Priime W15 A powerful new photo editor for iPhone
Pushmarket W15 Automate personalized emails for eCommerce
Raven Tech W15 We are building the next generation OS
Razorpay W15 Online payments for India
ReSchedule W15 ReSchedule Med provides an end-to-end work flow to manage graduate medical education scheduling
ReadMe W15 Beautiful documentation made easy
Rescue Forensics W15 Our intelligence solution equips you to defeat human traffickers
SIRUM W15 Sirium saves lives by connecting unopened, unexpired medications to patients in need
Seed W15 Small business banking for innovators
Shift Messenger W15 Free app for getting shifts covered
ShiftLabs W15 We build simple, elegant medical devices
SigOpt W15 Tune your experiments automatically to get better results, faster
Slidemail W15 An intelligent email app
Smarking W15 Maximize returns from your parking assets
SmartHires W15 Get high-quality candidates, shared by companies you trust
Smartspot W15 SmartSpot is the first fitness equipment that tracks and corrects your form in real time
Spark Gift W15 Give the gift of stocks and index funds to friends and family
Spire W15 Spire is a device that captures your breathing patterns, and makes them meaningful and actionable
Spoil W15 We're creating something that will make the world a happier place through giving & receiving
Standard Cyborg W15 Our first product is a waterproof 3D printed prosthesis for below-the-knee amputees
Supply W15 Wireless power, through the air
TaskPipes W15 With TaskPipes, you can pull in data from emails and elsewhere, and manipulate it the way you need
TeamNote W15 Mobile productivity
Techlist W15 Techlist is an online service to help investors track startups in Asia
TheMidGame W15 Quickly identify expert content creators to engage your target audience
Trackin W15 Trackin gives you full control of your deliveries by connecting managers, drivers and customers
Transcriptic W15 Access a fully automated cell and molecular biology laboratory, all from the comfort of your web browser
Transitmix W15 The new standard in transit planning
Treeline W15 Develop backend apps in your web browser
Underground Cellar W15 Curated, limited-edition wines with a twist
Valor Water Analytics W15 Transforming your data into improved revenue performance
Vanhawks W15 With your help, we can make Valour the bike of the future, and change the urban commute forever
Vertical W15 We’re building tools to push drone technology to its limits
VetPronto W15 The highest quality and most convenient veterinary care
Way Up W15 Get hired. Jobs and internships for college students
WorkLife W15 WorkLife is a web and mobile app that helps you run highly productive, engaging meetings
Yhat W15 Helping businesses draw value from data science
Zenflow W15 Giving new hope to men suffering from BPH symptoms
analyticsMD W15 Streamline hospital operations using real time optimization
eBrandValue W15 Accelerate marketing and product through social
Aptible S14 HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare Innovators
Backpack S14 Explore unique products to backpack
Bannerman S14 Better security guards. Anytime. Anywhere.
Bayes Impact S14 We use data science to save lives
Beep S14 Control all your speakers with your phone
Bikanta S14 Bikanta has developed nanodiamond-based technology that will redefine tomorrow's medical imaging
BillForward S14 A highly flexible & unified billing platform. Built for high growth & enterprise companies
BitAccess S14 The easiest way to buy and sell bitcoin
Carlypso S14 Buy pre-owned cars 100% risk free with Carlypso
Checkr S14 Automated background screenings and driving records
ClearTax S14 The easiest way to e-File income tax returns in India
Cognito S14 Frictionless, modern identity verification that starts with just a phone number.
Craft Coffee S14 A better way to buy coffee
Doblet S14 Doblet is a network of batteries on demand. Stay charged everywhere you go
Fixed S14 Get the ticket and point dismissed
Flynn S14 Flynn deploys apps, scales apps, and manages databases with best practices right out of the box
Flytenow S14 Go flying with local pilots
Ginko Bioworks S14 At Ginkgo Bioworks we are expanding the role of biology in our world
Glowing Plant S14 Natural lighting without electricity
Greentoe S14 Name your price & we negotiate for you
HauteDay S14 Haute Day was created to make shopping more fun! Every day, our community submits their best new fashion finds
Helion Energy S14 We are a proven team of entrepreneurs and scientists who are making fusion happen
Impraise S14 Continuous feedback between co-workers
Lawn Love S14 The very best lawn care services
MTailor S14 Get measured by your phone in under 30 seconds for the perfect fitting custom shirt
Naytev S14 Naytev identifies viral content before it trends S14 Remediation as a service for DevOps
Nightingale S14 Insightful data = meaningful results. Optimize clinical outcomes with data science
One Codex S14 One Codex is a data platform for applied microbial genomics S14 Blockchain ID. A better identity
Parenthoods S14 Meet local parents like you
PersistIQ S14 Smart drip campaigns for outbound sales
PicnicHealth S14 Medical records done for you. All your records from all your doctors
ProductHunt S14 Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day
Rigetti Computing S14 On a mission to build the world's most powerful computer
Roomstorm S14 Hotel booking platform tailored to help airlines with accommodating passengers from delayed and cancelled flights. Formerly known as WalkSource.
Roost S14 Notifications for all. On page and off page. Get set up in minutes for desktop & mobile.
Shift Payments S14 Shift Payments is changing the way money changes hands
ShipBob S14 You sell it. We pick-up, package & ship it
Shout S14 Marketplaces for passionate groups. Buy and Sell what you love with your people
Sliced Investing S14 Sliced provides technology to help financial advisors deploy to alternatives
Theorem S14 dead The marketplace for independent fashion
TicketLabs S14 Enhance your marketing with real fan data
Tiempo S14 We help small businesses manage and pay contractors
Tule S14 Crop water use monitoring. Daily measurements at field scale
UPower S14 The only always-on, emission-free, megawatt-scale atomic generator
Vatler S14 dead An on-demand valet service in San Francisco
Vizera Labs S14 Vizera brings an unprecedented shopping experience to retail showrooms
Weave S14 dead Professional networking to arrange meetings and friendly discussions.
Zen99 S14 dead 1099 tax help for rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, housekeepers, and more
Zenamins S14 Vitamins reinvented. Personalized and designed for you
Zip Phone S14 exited Zip Phone lets users make secure, WiFi-enabled calls
uBiome S14 Explore your microbiome
42 W14 Grow Revenue Big data made simple. Leave the numbers to us, we'll give the answers to insights you want to see.
Abacus W14 Say goodbye to expense reports.
AirHelp W14 If you've been on a delayed or cancelled flight or been denied boarding within the last three years you could be entitled up to $800 from the airline.
AirPair W14 The World's Best Software Experts at your finger tips, on-demand through video chat & screen sharing.
Algolia W14 Build Realtime Search. A powerful API built for developers, Algolia delivers relevant results in your apps and websites from the first keystroke.
Ambition W14 Office productivity with a purpose.
AptDeco W14 Furnishings by owner. Delivery to you. The destination marketplace for quality gently used furniture.
Beacon W14 Fund one writer for $5 a month. Get access to every story on Beacon.
Bellabeat W14 Bellabeat allows you to connect with your unborn baby and share your experience with friends, family and other future moms.
Boostable W14 Advertising made easy for sellers on marketplaces.
Cambly W14 Private language tutors on-demand.
Camperoo W14 Thousands of the best summer camps and year-round activities in your area and beyond.
CareMessage W14 Empower at-risk patients to become better healthcare consumers.
CodeCombat W14 Learn to code javascript by playing a game.
CodeNow W14 Creating the developers of the future.
Eventjoy W14 exited Fee-free ticketing, optimized for mobile.
Framed Data W14 exited Acquired by Square. Framed retains your users. Framed Data knows how your users behave and warns you when they're about to leave.
Gbatteries W14 BatteryOS is a new way of controlling rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that enables any normal battery to have higher capacity and not degrade over time.
Gobble W14 Let someone else do the cooking. Wholesome family dinners delivered fresh every night.
HoverChat W14 dead HoverChat enables true multitasking by allowing you to read and reply to incoming messages without ever leaving your current screen.
Immunity Project W14 We're developing a free vaccine to end HIV and AIDS
Kimono Labs W14 exited Acquired by Palantir. Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds.
MadeSolid W14 Making materials matter. Developing advanced materials for your 3D printer.
Memebox W14 Memebox is a rapidly-growing, leading e-commerce beauty retailer.
Minuum W14 The best keyboard for smart watches.
Move Loot W14 dead The easiest way to buy and sell furniture.
Next Caller W14 Know your caller. The most advanced caller identification platform in the world.
Noora Health W14 Noora Health empowers patients and their families with high-impact medical skills to recover from their condition and improve health outcomes.
One Degree W14 Community resources, just for you. The easiest way to find, manage, and share nonprofit services for you and your family.
Orankl W14 We help you sell more. Smart email marketing and reviews at the distance of a click.
Piinpoint W14 Location analytics made simple. PiinPoint enables businesses to find the best locations for expansion.
Povio W14 Povio enables you to start communicating with friends in the most comfortable way.
Pushbullet W14 Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one
Rickshaw W14 Same day delivery has never been this easy.
Rocketrip W14 Reduce travel spend, improve employee culture. It's business travel made personal.
Sendwithus W14 Transactional Email Made Easy. Stop trapping your email in source code. Set it free.
Shoobs W14 Your night starts here.
SketchDeck W14 We make your presentations look great.
StackLead W14 The research you need to understand every new user, delivered to your inbox when they sign up.
Style Lend W14 Live fashionably. Borrow & Lend Designer Dresses with local Fashionistas.
Superhost W14 Your Personal Airbnb Assistant. The easiest way to manage your Airbnb listing!
Taplytics W14 Mobile A/B testing for everyone on iOS. With the world's most fully featured mobile A/B testing platform.
TerrAvion W14 Getting an aerial imagery subscription to manage your farm's operations is easy!
The Dating Ring W14 dead We're making dating fun again. We meet all of our members and set up dates. It's like meeting through friends, except much, much better.
Threadable W14 Mailing lists evolved. Threadable makes group email less noisy and more actionable.
TradeBlock W14 TradeBlock serves financial institutions with execution and analysis tools that capitalize on the potential of blockchain technologies
TrueVault W14 Secure API to store health data. HIPAA compliance made easier for healthcare applications
Two Tap W14 Users can now order any product directly in your app with Two Tap.
Unbabel W14 Translation as a service. Human corrected machine translation service that enables businesses to communicate globally.
Vidpresso W14 Social media on air.
Weave W14 Better phone service for your dental practice that syncs with your dental software. W14 exited Natural Language for the Internet of Things.
Zesty W14 Zesty lets you order healthy meals from your favorite local restaurants.
Zidisha W14 An online microlending community that directly connects lenders and borrowers
Zinc W14 Zinc is the best way to buy. Pay with with Dwolla or Bitcoin, and manage all your orders in one place.
ZowPow W14 Play mobile games with plush toy characters!
7 Cups of Tea S13 Want to talk? Connect with someone who will really listen.
Amulyte S13 dead An Emergency Response System. Reimagined.
Apptimize S13 The Complete Mobile A/B Testing Solution
Asseta S13 The most transparent platform ever for buying, selling, and managing parts.
Bloomthat S13 Ridiculously fast flowers. Handcrafted bouquets. Starting at $35. Delivered in 90 minutes.
Buttercoin S13 dead Trade bitcoin with ease.
Casetext S13 Casetext is where the best lawyers research and write about the law
CoreOS S13 Linux for Massive Server Deployments CoreOS enables warehouse-scale computing on top of a minimal, modern operating system.
Cratejoy S13 An easy way to launch your own subscription business
Crowdery S13 Early access to great design.
DataRank S13 exited Gain Insights into your Customers and Competitive Market by monitoring the highest quality online data in real-time.
DoorDash S13 Your favorite local restaurants delivered to you.
EasyPost S13 Shipping for developers. EasyPost allows you to integrate USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx shipping APIs into any application in minutes.
Estimote S13 Estimote beacons real world context for your apps.
FanHero S13 dead Let your fans support you. The easiest-to-make storefront for creators.
Floobits S13 Floobits lets you code like you're in the same room.
Glio S13 Amazon Marketplace for Latin America
GoComm S13 Your team communications made clear.
Graft Concepts S13 dead Makers of unique iPhone cases.
Hackermeter S13 exited Acquired by Pinterest. Hackermeter pairs talented developers with great jobs
Hum S13 dead HUM, simply redefining the inbox one chat at a time.
Kivo S13 dead Get feedback on your presentations.
Le Tote S13 Welcome to your dream closet. Rent unlimited looks each month.
Lob S13 Power your printing and mailing with Lob. A simple API to integrate print & mail solutions into your applications.
LocalOn S13 Essential tools for running your Merchants Association.
Lumoid S13 Rent and own high-quality gear and accessories, starting at $5/day. Simple, affordable and fast!
Meta Space Glasses S13 The first holographic interface.
One Month S13 Learn how to code websites, build apps, and grow your business.
OrbsCCG S13 The next generation collectible card game... with asynchronous mode!
Panorama Education S13 More than 4,000 schools use Panorama for data analytics and feedback surveys of teachers, parents, and students.
Prim S13 dead Same day laundry delivery.
RealCrowd S13 Featured investments available for funding.
Reebee S13 Flyers at your fingertips! Simple. Fast. Free.
Regalii S13 Food credit straight to your phone.
Senic S13 Smarter sensing.
SimpleLegal S13 Make sense of your legal bills.
SoundFocus S13 Hear your music in 20/20.
SpoonRocket S13 dead Most convenient meal ever.
Standard Treasury S13 exited Acquired by Silicon Valley Bank. APIs for commercial banks.
StatusPage S13 Better Server Status Communication The best way to create a status page for your app or website. Just ask New Relic.
Teleborder S13 dead Immigration, tax, and relocation. All in one place. Teleborder helps you scale your business.
True Link Financial S13 We keep a watchful eye out for fraud and spending mishaps so you can spend your time doing what matters.
URX S13 exited Add to every link and drive users to your app, mobile website, or desktop browser.
Watchsend S13 Record your iPhone app.
Webflow S13 Build beautiful, responsive websites without code.
Weilos S13 exited Weilos is the most motivational fitness and weight loss community.
ixi-play S13 dead The Robot Buddy kids will love! Engage, Challenge, Learn.
Airware W13 Airware specializes in the development of autopilots for unmanned aircraft systems.
Beatdeck W13 Free, powerful social metrics combined with effective campaign feedback.
Bitnami W13 The App Store for server software. Run any app on any platform.
BuildZoom W13 BuildZoom is your one-stop shop for getting a house built, remodeled or repaired.
CircuitLab W13 We're making it easier for engineers, students, and hobbyists to design, analyze, build, and share circuits.
Coin W13 Coin is a secure, connected device that can hold and behave like the cards you already carry
CrowdMed W13 CrowdMed is revolutionizing healthcare by harnessing ‘the wisdom of crowds’ to help solve even the world’s most difficult medical cases quickly and accurately online.
Errplane W13 dead Monitoring, error reporting, and metrics for all your applications.
Experiment W13 Experiment is a crowdfunding platform for science and academic research.
Fivetran W13 Spreadsheets for big data.
FlightCar W13 dead FlightCar lets people parking at the airport rent their vehicles out to other travelers. Never pay for airport parking again.
Goldbely W13 Our vision is an online marketplace that connects curious eaters with America's best gourmet food purveyors.
Heap Analytics W13 Heap automatically captures every user action in your web app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, form submissions, page views, and more.
Kalibrr W13 Kalibrr matches people to jobs on the basis of interests, experience and skills and we operate talent marketplaces in Southeast Asia.
Lawdingo W13 Talk to a lawyer online. Get the legal advice you need, hassle- and commitment-free.
Lollipuff W13 Lollipuff is the premier online auction site for high-end designer apparel and accessories.
Medisas W13 Great healthcare, powered by great software.
Meldium W13 Meldium automates away the tedious, error-prone, and insecure parts of account management so you can do more work with less IT.
Myo W13 dead The MYO armband lets you use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other favorite digital technologies.
Padlet W13 An easy way to create and collaborate, where people can put any content anywhere on the page
PayTango W13 PayTango links the cards in your wallet to your fingerprints.
Posmetrics W13 Posmetrics provides iPad-based customer feedback surveys that are mounted right at the point of purchase.
Prizeo W13 A fundraising platform enabling celebrities to use their fan bases to raise money and awareness for their chosen causes.
Screenhero W13 Collaborative screen sharing. You each get your own mouse, and you're both always in control.
Semantics3 W13 Curated database of products and prices. 50 million distinct prices from 20 million products, refreshed constantly.
SimplyInsured W13 Simple health insurance for small businesses.
Strikingly W13 Gorgeous, mobile-optimized sites in minutes.
StyleUp W13 Weather-appropriate fashion advice tailored to your life and style, every day.
SwapBox W13 dead With Swapbox you no longer have to worry about missing deliveries. Use your Swapbox shipping address and your packages will be waiting for you at our nearest location.
Swish W13 Simple, secure mobile payments using your phone
Teespring W13 Create and sell custom t-shirts with zero upfront costs.
Terascore W13 dead Set up exams, tests and assessments with ease. Get student answers securely. Get them graded instantly.
Watsi W13 Watsi is an online peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform that allows users to fund life-changing medical treatments for underserved people in developing countries.
WeFunder W13 We aim to give everyone - regardless of wealth - the opportunity to invest in startups.
Wevorce W13 Wevorce's divorce services ensure kids come first, costs remain affordable and everyone stays out of court.
Zaranga W13 Find a professionally managed vacation rental.
Zenefits W13 Zenefits runs your benefits, so you can run your business. Get affordable benefits for your company in minutes. Then set and forget them.
9GAG S12 An online platform and social media site based around funny pictures and content
AdsOptimal S12 Maximize your revenue with amazing ads
Airbrite S12 Airbrite is a cloud-enabled platform that powers mobile commerce We are the next generation of e-commerce. Our mobile-first API powers modern shopping.
Amicus S12 Amicus empowers cause-driven organizations to leverage the social networks of their supporters, raise more money, attract more members, and win more votes.
Authy S12 exited Acquired by Twilio in February 2015. Authy makes it easy to add optional two-factor authentication to your application
BigCalc S12 dead Fast, scalable financial analytics. BigCalc lets quants and algo traders run simulations on limitless amounts of historic data.
BoostedBoards S12 Boosted Boards builds the world's lightest electric longboards.
BufferBox S12 exited Acquired by Google for a rumored $25 million. Ship parcels to BufferBox for quick, convenient & secure pick-up anytime. Never miss a delivery again.
Canopy Labs S12 Canopy Labs provides a powerful platform for businesses wanting to build and apply customer models.
Circular S12 dead Circular offers an infinitely scrolling feed of content based on people you follow and topics that interest you.
Clever S12 Build educational applications that just work.
Coco Controller S12 dead A Kickstarter project that adds directional controls and game buttons to almost any phone
Coinbase S12 Your Hosted Bitcoin Wallet. Coinbase is the easiest way to get started with Bitcoin.
Collections S12 Finder for the cloud. Google docs, Facebook, Instagram.
DataNitro S12 Supercharge Excel. Script your spreadsheets with Python.
Diaspora S12 Social freedom. The online social world where you are in control.
Double Robotics S12 Double is the simplest, most elegant way to be somewhere else in the world without flying there. Wheels for your iPad.
Dreamforge S12 We believe that 3D printing will fundamentally reshape our relationship with the products and items we use
Easel S12 dead Easel is an in-browser, high-fidelity web design tool that lets you mockup, share and implement your ideas with ease.
Eligible S12 Real Time Eligibility Checks for Health Insurance. S12 dead is an automatic journal that helps you to record your life and store it forever. S12 connects mobile & web applications to user content.
FlightFox S12 Flightfox is a platform for crowd-sourced flight search.
Fullstack Academy S12 Fullstack Academy is a 12-week immersive coding school that turns great people into great developers.
FundersClub S12 A web service that gives investors unprecedented access to investment opportunities and the tools to review and invest online with ease and speed
GetGoing S12 GetGoing is a San Francisco based technology company developing innovative search and booking solutions for the global airline industry.
Grid S12 dead A Simply Remarkable Spreadsheet.
HD Trade Services S12 Mobile and cloud based logistics software.
Healthy Labs S12 Healthy Labs builds networks to connect patients so they can learn from each other.
HiMom S12 HiMom - Stay in touch with your parents. Share precious moments in digital- and physical postcards.
HipType S12 dead Hiptype brings analytics and targeted advertising capabilities to the most popular eBook platforms
Hubchilla S12 HubChilla matches you up to similar users and lets you talk to them over SMS.
Instacart S12 A Grocery Store on Your Phone. Delivery to your doorstep within minutes.
Kamcord S12 Kamcord allows users to record and share their awesome gameplays without having to leave their games.
Keychain Logistics S12 Need Reliable Carriers? Keychain's proprietary technology gives you unprecedented access to our nationwide network of qualified drivers.
Kippt S12 dead With Kippt we want to make your information workflow and archiving effortless.
Knowmia S12 Where great teachers help you succeed in high school. Search for a topic. Over 8,000 video lessons and counting.
LeanMarket S12 Lean Startup Machine is the world's leading bootcamp on Lean Startup methodology.
Lever S12 A fresh take on the applicant tracking system, Lever combines ATS and CRM functionality to source, nurture, and manage candidates all in one place.
LightTable S12 A new interactive IDE that lets you modify running programs and embed anything from websites to games
Markupwand S12 dead Photoshop to html & css. Generates automatically in minutes
MicroEval S12 dead Say goodbye to long forms and meaningless numbers. MicroEval is the quickest and most meaningful way to give feedback to your employees.
Mth Sense S12 Our goal is to be THE answer to the mobile monetization problem. The first step is to solve the problem of "blind" ads. Hence our focus on targeting.
MyVR S12 MyVR is online marketing software that allows vacation rental owners and operators to manage all of their vacation rental marketing in one place.
Newsblur S12 Focus on the best stories from your friends and favorite blogs.
Parallel Universe S12 Parallel Universe, a Y-Combinator startup, makes middleware that enable easy scaling for real-time spatial applications.
Perfect Audience S12 Fast & Easy Facebook Retargeting. Retarget lost customers on Facebook and get more sales.
Plivo S12 Plivo is a cloud based API platform to build Voice and SMS Applications.
Profig S12 dead Profig provides transcriptions, call tracking, voice broadcasting, CRM integration and other custom features to businesses.
QuicklyChat S12 QuicklyChat is a quick way for coworkers to video chat with each other when they're working remotely.
ReelSurfer S12 ReelSurfer lets anyone clip and share any video from any website. S12 Referly is an Online Referral System for Your Social Network.
RegistryLove S12 RegistryLove lets you register products and services from anywhere & consolidate them all onto ONE registry S12 Set Rent Accurately. helps you set competitive pricing for rental properties.
Scoutzie S12 dead is a curated marketplace for design.
SmartAsset S12 SmartAsset makes life's biggest decisions easier by bringing full transparency to the financial decision making process.
SpinPunch S12 SpinPunch makes infrastructure for high performance browser games to rival PC and console titles.
Sponsorfied S12 Sponsorfied is an online marketplace for sponsorships that connects brands with relevant sponsorship opportunities with the click of a button.
Statwing S12 Web-based statistical analysis software that speaks in plain english instead of arcane stats jargon.
StudyEdge S12 Better Grades. Less Frustration. We help you get better grades in your college classes with less time spent studying.
Submittable S12 A cloud-based submission management platform used by businesses, publishers and art organizations to curate and accept payments with submissions
Survata S12 Survata is a new type of market research and consumer insights service.
Svbtle S12 Svbtle is publishing network that brings some of the best things from newspapers and magazines to a network of great people.
TapIn S12 dead TapIn is the easiest way to go from seeing to sharing. Broadcast mobile videos instantly.
Tastemaker S12 Tastemaker aims to make interior decorating affordable and accessible to everyone.
TomoGuides S12 dead Handcrafted iPhone travel guides that are free, offline, and just plain full of awesomeness S12 The best way for artists to release new music and videos.
Vastrm S12 Custom Fit, Perfect Fit, Personalized Polos, T-shirts.
Vayable S12 Vayable is an online marketplace where people can discover, buy and sell unique travel experiences, including tours, activities and extended trips
ViaCycle S12 ViaCycle creates advanced bicycle sharing technology that allows easy deployment and administration.
Virool S12 Get your video seen by millions of people! Leverage our platform to distribute your video to people you want on blogs, social games, and mobile apps
VoiceGem S12 exited VoiceGem is the easiest way to send a voice message to anyone.
Zapier S12 Zapier lets SaaS users create integrations that push data between dozens of different web applications without having to write any code or wrangle APIs
imgfave S12 A fun image sharing community. Explore amazing art and photography and share your own visual inspiration!
42floors W12 42Floors makes office space rentals and commercial real estate listings easier to search
99dresses W12 99dresses allows users to trade the fashion items with other users.
Anyperk W12 AnyPerk offers discounts on web-services as employee perks.
Ark W12 is a search engine for people. Find new people. Reconnect with old classmates. Make new business contacts. Search your friends.
Carsabi W12 exited Carsabi is a search engine for used cars.
Coderwall W12 Coderwall is a site for developers to profile what projects they are up to and learn from others.
Crowdtilt W12 Crowdtilt allows users to pool funds for objectives in a simple, social, and frictionless way online.
Dealupa W12 A fresh, new way to shop daily deals.
Embark W12 dead Embark makes it easy to get around without a car. We make free, fast, and simple mobile apps for mass transit riders worldwide.
EveryArt W12 everyArt allows you to commission an art piece from a diverse portfolio of artists on the web, all excited to collaborate with you on your masterpiece.
Exec W12 exited Acquired by Handy in January 2014. Exec lets you outsource the things you don't want to do in life. Let our background checked Execs help you get things done today.
FamilyLeaf W12 FamilyLeaf is a private place to share your life with your family.
FarmLogs W12 FarmLogs makes it incredibly simple to always know what's happening on your farm. Start saving time and money. Ditch the spreadsheets and paper records!
Flutter W12 exited Play and pause your music and movies with a gesture!
Flypad W12 dead Flypad turns your iPhone into a motion-sensing game controller for PC, Steam, & indie games.
Givespark W12 dead Where fans and celebrities gather for good.
Grouper W12 dead We're a social club that sets up drinks between 2 groups of friends. 3 guys & 3 girls.
HackPad W12 exited Smart collaborative documents. Company wiki. Personal notes. Event planning. Classroom collaboration.
HireArt W12 Brilliant job seekers, delivered. Screen and source job candidates through work samples and video interviews.
Jellyfish Art W12 exited We sell pet jellyfish in specialized aquariums
Kyte W12 dead Kytephone is a free app that transforms an Android smartphone into a safe and fun smartphone for kids.
LVL6 W12 dead LVL6 creates social mobile games on Android and iOS.
LendUp W12 Our mission is to expand access to credit and lower the cost of borrowing
MakeGamesWithUs W12 The Easiest Way to Build an iPhone Game. Period.
MatterPort W12 Matterport is a revolutionary 3D scanner that allows anyone to create digital models of interior spaces quickly, easily, and automatically.
Medigram W12 dead Healthcare communication made simple. Medigram provides a HIPAA-compliant communication platform to make any medical conversation convenient and secure.
Midnox W12 dead Create stunning HD videos and share them with your friends.
MineFold W12 Simple Minecraft servers. Available instantly, free to play for 10 hours a month.
Pair W12 dead Pair is an app just for the two of you.
Per Vices W12 Hardware that allows software developers to write applications to interact with all types of wireless signals and wireless devices
PlanGrid W12 PlanGrid was created to save contractors time.
PopSet W12 dead Popset is the easiest way to start group photo albums with friends, directly from a mobile phone.
Priceonomics W12 Priceonomics is the price guide for everything.
ScreenLeap W12 Share your screen instantly to any device with a browser.
SendHub W12 SendHub is a fast and simple way for professionals to communicate.
Shoptiques W12 brings boutique shopping online.
SocialCam W12 exited Socialcam is a new mobile video application coming to both iPhone and Android.
Sonalight W12 Sonalight is an app that lets you text whilst you drive.
Swiftype W12 Swiftype is building search software for the next generation of websites and applications.
TiKL W12 dead An Android and iOS app that turns your phone into a real-time push-to-talk walkie-talkie that also sends texts, voicemail, images, and video.
Your Mechanic W12 Hire mechanics that will come to your home or work to fix your car. Save 20% or more on car repairs. Convenient, affordable and transparent.
ZenPayroll W12 We are creating beautiful, modern payroll.
Zillabyte W12 dead Zillabyte is an online big-data analysis platform currently in stealth mode.
chute W12 Chute is a cloud platform that helps apps and sites capture, manage, and display media files
iCracked W12 iCracked provides local iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Samsung repair and trade-in in the United States and eight other countries around the world.
theDailyMuse W12 The Daily Muse is visually engaging job search and related career resources.
AgileDiagnosis S11 The central place for clinical guidelines, providing clinicians with access to expertise and information in a format they can apply in their practice
Aisle50 S11 dead Aisle50 is the first group-buying outlet for groceries, a $2 trillion business. The best way to save on your groceries.
B2Brev S11 dead We'll help you make smart and easy decisions on products and services based on honest reviews, from one business to another
Can't Wait S11 dead Be the first to hear about movies that you will love!
Citus Data S11 CitusDB is a distributed database that lets you run SQL queries over very large data sets. Designed for analytical queries, CitusDB enables real-time responsiveness.
Codecademy S11 Codecademy is a web-based programming tutorial designed to teach JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery and Python
Compose S11 exited Acquired by IBM in July 2015. Database-as-a-Service for hosting and managing MongoDB instances
DebtEye S11 dead We are an automated credit counseling solution to help customers get out of debt, a little like a “turbo tax” for those who need debt relief.
DoubleRecall S11 DoubleRecall is a recall based advertising platform and monetization solution for online media and mobile.
EveryMe S11 dead We believe most stories are meant to be shared with your family and best friends, not 500 strangers. Everyme lets you choose who to share with and how.
Firebase S11 exited Acquired by Google in Oct 2014. A scalable real-time backend for your web app. Build apps really fast without the hassle of managing servers.
FreshPlum S11 dead Freshplum's goal is to bring the decision-making power of data science to companies who sell goods and services electronically.
Glassmap S11 exited Acquired by Groupon in Jan 2013. Glassmap is a simple, beautiful way to show your friends where you are and what you are doing.
GoCardless S11 GoCardless is a UK-based service that allows smaller merchants to easily set up interbank transfers for customers.
Habit Labs S11 dead Habit Labs aims to turn leading a healthier life into a game.
Interstate S11 dead The future of open project management. Keep users away from competitors by keeping them in the loop with your product's development.
InterviewStreet S11 Interviewstreet helps you to create customized programming tests and evaluate candidates based on their programming skills before proceeding for an interview
Kicksend S11 dead Kicksend allows friends and family to easily share files in real-time on the web, mobile, and desktop.
Launchpad Toys S11 exited Acquired by Google in 2015. We're creating digital toys and tools that empower kids to create, learn & share their ideas through play.
Leaky S11 dead Leaky helps consumers make better decisions about insurance.
MarketBrief S11 dead The latest SEC Filings, Press Releases, Patents, and Trademarks for 700000+ companies and entities.
Meteor S11 Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you're an expert developer or just getting started.
MixRank S11 MixRank is a spy tool for contextual and display ads.
MobileWorks S11 MobileWorks is a crowdsourcing platform for businesses and developers that is more accurate, faster and easier to use than existing solutions.
Munch On Me S11 exited Acquired by CollegeBudget in May 2012. Munch On Me is a food discovery portal that connects people with great food at great prices in local communities.
Opez S11 The best people around. Who are the best trainers, stylists, etc. around me?
PageLever S11 PageLever is the leading analytics platform for measuring your brand's presence on Facebook.
Paperlinks S11 dead QR codes made easy. Paperlinks is the premier platform for generating QR codes for businesses.
Parse S11 exited Acquired by Facebook for $85 MM in 2013. Cloud services for mobile developers. Parse lets you focus on creating unique & engaging apps. We take care of the rest
PicPlum S11 dead Share Your Best Moments. Send photo prints to loved ones in seconds.
Proxino S11 dead Proxino is a cloud platform for monitoring and debugging client-side JavaScript.
Quartzy S11 Quartzy is an online suite of lab management tools for the academic life science community.
Rentobo S11 exited Acquired by Gusto in May 2016. Rentobo is a new tool built for landlords, managers, and agents of all sizes to simplify the process of finding and signing a new tenant for your rental property.
Science Exchange S11 An online marketplace for scientific experiments. The easiest way to get experiments conducted by researchers in top core facilities and institutions
Segment S11 The Segment API controls other analytics tools, allowing developers to integrate one single API in place of many.
SellStage S11 SellStage is SaaS for online retailers to make communicating and selling via video easy and affordable.
Siasto S11 dead Siasto is a collaboration and project management tool that integrates into Google Apps, Gmail, Google Drive, GCal, box, and Dropbox.
Sift Science S11 The world's most advanced fraud prevention platform
Snapjoy S11 exited Acquired by Dropbox in 2012. Snapjoy is an online photo library that imports your photos from anywhere and organizes them into meaningful memories of who, what, when, & where. S11 CRM integrated entirely within your Gmail inbox
Stypi S11 exited Acquired by Salesforce in 2012. Stypi is a collaborative real-time text editor similar to Etherpad.
Tagstand S11 Tagstand ships NFC stickers and a platform to manage them.
TapEngage S11 exited Acquired by Dropbox in 2012. You need a tablet strategy. We can help.
Verbling S11 Verbling provides users with an innovative way to learn new languages by utilizing video chat technology.
Vidyard S11 An online video platform for businesses. Vidyard hosts your videos, analyzes their effectiveness, and transforms them into powerful marketing tools
Vimessa S11 Vimessa allows you to send free video messages to your friends anywhere in the world, even if they do not have an iPhone.
Yardsale S11 dead Yardsale, a mobile app to help folks sell goods to local buyers.
Zenbox S11 dead Zenbox is a browser extension that connects all of your SaaS services.
Zigfu S11 Zigfu is the easiest way to make and play Kinect apps. Download the plugin, hook up your sensor, and enjoy the future now!
Acunote W11 Acunote is a project management tool and Scrum software.
AppHarbor W11 AppHarbor is a .NET Platform-as-a-Service.
Balanced Payments W11 dead Payments for marketplaces. Pay sellers, campaign organizers and service providers.
Beetailer W11 Bring your store to Facebook, and grow your business
Bridge W11 RPC Framework for Building Modular Services and Cross-Language Applications.
Chirply W11 Chirply is a platform for crowd-sourcing & crowd-curating design.
Circle W11 dead Know when your friends & networks are nearby, wherever you are, no matter where you go W11 is the inside sales CRM of choice for startups and SMBs. Increase productivity with all your sales communication in one place.
Comprehend Systems W11 A reporting and visualization tool which runs against multiple databases in real time, while leaving the data in place
Curebit W11 Curebit helps online stores increase revenue through referrals by turning existing customers into marketers.
Custora W11 Custora offers a SaaS that tells online retailers and web apps which of their customers are most valuable, and suggests actions to keep them.
Earbits W11 Earbits is a marketing platform for music related products built around interactive radio experiences.
FitFu W11 dead Think of FitFu as a personal trainer in your pocket that keeps you active with little bits of exercise throughout the day.
Five Stars W11 We created a universal customer loyalty card that embraces the power of network effects, social media integration & improves the customer experience.
Giftrocket W11 GiftRocket sells a new type of gift card that works at any location.
Grove W11 exited Acquired by Revolution Systems. Hosted IRC and so much more
GrubWithUs W11 dead Grubwithus social meals allow you to meet new people, while dining at some of your city's best restaurants.
HelloFax W11 HelloFax is an online service that helps you send and receive faxes, request signatures and fill out forms all from your computer.
Humble Bundle W11 Humble Bundles are collections of digital creations that are sold online at a price determined by the purchaser.
Hype W11 Tumult Inc. makes the next generation of designer tools to produce beautiful web content.
Hyperink W11 Hyperink, the San Francisco based self-publishing platform, wants to unlock and sell that untapped information by giving every citizen the ability to publish a book. W11 Formerly Hand-painted oil paintings on canvas and other artwork shipped from artists just by uploading a photo.
Kaleidoscope W11 Use Kaleidoscope to spot the differences in text and image files. Review changes in seconds with the world's most advanced file comparison application.
Lanyrd W11 exited Lanyrd is a directory of conferences, events and speakers.
MailGun W11 exited Acquired by Rackspace in 2012. Mailgun provides a web service for integrating email inboxes into apps. W11 dead With you can meet face to face with anyone from around the world within your web browser.
MemSQL W11 MemSQL is a Y Combinator grad making a scalable, memory-optimized database built for high-throughput workloads.
MinoMonsters W11 dead MinoMonsters is a social game where players collect and battle pet monsters.
Moki.TV W11 dead Moki.TV is a directory of all paid and free content included on Amazon's streaming service, Netlfix, Hulu, iTunes, and others.
Noteleaf W11 Always Know Who You're Meeting. You schedule meetings in Google Calendar, Noteleaf gives you information about who you're meeting on your phone.
NowJS W11 dead Flotype Inc. is a venture-backed company building a suite of enterprise technology for real-time messaging.
OrderAhead W11 OrderAhead is the easiest way to order from local merchants on your phone.
Pebble Technology W11 dead IP was acquired by Fitbit in 2016. Pebble is an infinitely customizable e-paper watch.
Sendoid W11 exited Acquired by Facebook in 2012. Sendoid is an on-demand peer to peer transfer system.
TalkBin W11 exited Acquired by Google. TalkBin is a feedback platform for local businesses.
Taskforce W11 dead Siasto is a collaboration and project management tool that integrates into Google Apps, Gmail, Google Drive, GCal, box, and Dropbox.
TellFi W11 dead Fastest, easiest way to setup a phone system for your business.
TrustEgg W11 dead The simplest way to save for a child's future.
Tutorspree W11 Tutorspree is an online portal that helps tutors and clients find each other.
Upverter W11 Upverter is building browser-based electronic design tools focused on collaboration and usability.
WhereBerry W11 WhereBerry helps you keep track of things you want to do in your city.
YouGotListings W11 The online rental technology platform that provides real estate offices and landlords with easy-to-learn tools
ZeroCater W11 ZeroCater makes it easy for companies to enjoy meals delivered from the best local restaurants, caterers and private chefs
drchrono W11 drchrono is a medical platform for doctors and patients.
1000Memories S10 exited Acquired by Ancestry in 2012. 1000memories is the new shoebox for your old photos
AdGrok S10 exited Acquired by Twitter in 2011. AdGrok allows business owners to automate the process of choosing and bidding on keywords on Google AdWords
AeroFS S10 AeroFS is a program where users are able to manage and store their files and data in a cloud-like platform
AnyList S10 The best way to create and share a grocery shopping list and organize your recipes
Brushes S10 Brushes is a painting app designed exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad S10 Analytics for everyone. A platform for everyone to explore and visualize data
Crowdbooster S10 An intelligent social media dashboard designed to help businesses effectively grow and manage their presence online
Docker S10 A software containerization platform. Formerly dotCloud
E la Carte S10 E la Carte develops tablets for restaurant tables so guests can order, pay and play games from their seats
FanVibe S10 exited Acquired by beRecruited in 2011. A social platform for watching sports and communicating with others who are watching the same game
FutureAdvisor S10 You already have investment accounts, we help make them smarter
Gantto S10 exited Gantto was conceived to fill one obvious gap in our weekly management routine
GazeHawk S10 exited Acquired by Facebook. Eeye tracking services using ordinary webcams
GinzaMetrics S10 Ginzametrics makes enterprise SEO simple and easy to manage
Hipmunk S10 Hipmunk is a travel search site that aims to take the agony out of travel planning
I Move You S10 dead
Indinero S10 Accounting, taxes & payroll. One solution. inDinero is your company's accounting department
Koduco S10 dead Koduco makes iPad games that focus on multiplayer collaboration on the same device
Leftronic S10 Leftronic develops a web-based real-time dashboard application for monitoring a company's most important data
MessageParty S10 dead MessageParty is a new kind of mobile blogging service
OhLife S10 dead Write in private about your life
Opzi S10 Opzi is creating software to make corporate knowledge accessible
PagerDuty S10 PagerDuty is an alarm dispatching service for system administrators and support teams
Rapportive S10 exited Acquired by LinkedIn. Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox
ReadyForZero S10 exited Acquired by Avant in 2015. ReadyForZero creates online financial software that helps people control and reduce debt
Simperium S10
Stripe S10 Stripe is a simple, developer-friendly way to accept payments online
Tapzilla S10 dead Taking the daily deal model and applying it to discounts on paid mobile apps
Teevox S10 Fast stream watching.
The Fridge S10 exited Acquired by Google. The Fridge is a platform for lightweight single serving social networks for the functionality of Facebook
The Recurse Center S10 A free, self-directed, educational retreat for people who want to get better at programming. Formerly Hacker School
Whereoscope S10 dead Whereoscope is a service designed to help parents keep know where their kids are
Workflowy S10 WorkFlowy is a tool for organizing your brain
140bets W10 dead 140Fire is a platform to make online video ads interactive.
500Friends W10 500friends enables retailers to acquire and retain high value customers. W10 InboxQ is a browser extension that delivers a persistent stream of questions from Twitter directly to you.
Browsarity W10 dead is a browser application that allows people to donate to charity while shopping online.
CardPool W10 exited Cardpool is a gift card exchange marketplace where anybody can buy, sell, or trade their new or pre-owned gift cards.
ChromaOm W10 dead We want the whole world to find their color enlightenment
Crocodoc W10 exited Acquired by Box. Crocodoc is the trusted leader in HTML5 document viewing.
Cue W10 dead Know what's next.
Embedly W10 Embedly provides a platform and suite of tools to make embedding and previewing links simple.
Embedster W10 dead Embedster allows bloggers to serve an ad for any YouTube they display on their site.
Etacts W10 exited Etacts is a CRM for people - it helps you keep in touch with people in your address book.
Fabricly W10 dead Fabricly is a great way for designers to gain extra exposure, whether you're already selling online or if you're just getting started.
Gamador W10 dead Gamador is a social game developer that has released three games so far.
Homejoy W10 dead Book a trusted cleaner today for $25 per hour
Infoharmoni W10 dead Infoharmoni is a data visualization startup founded by Kovas Boguta.
Launchhear W10 dead LaunchHear is a way for bloggers to get early review copies of new products.
Mertado W10 exited Mertado is a social shopping company that lets consumers discover and buy new products within the online communities that they frequent.
Movity W10 exited surfaces geodata (crime, noise, pricing, etc) to help home buyers make better decisions.
NewsLabs W10 dead A platform that helps old-school journalists adapt to the web, by giving them help with advertising, SEO, and other issues they may not have had dealt with
Notifo W10 dead Notifo is a mobile application and platform which allows any web site or service to easily create mobile notifications.
Nowmov W10 dead Nowmov is an endless stream of videos recommended to users based on their interests, friends and what's trending around the world.
Optimizely W10 Simple, fast, and powerful.
OwnLocal W10 Web-based software for local newspapers that gives them a white-label service for selling online ads and services to local businesses
Tweetflow W10 dead
Zencoder W10 exited Zencoder is web-based video encoding software as a service, designed to quickly convert any video into web and mobile compatible formats
Zenedy W10 Learn something new every day with new articles written daily about topics discovered from all around the web.
datamarketplace W10 exited Data Marketplace helps people find, buy and sell data online.
Bump S09 exited Acquired by Google in 2013. Mobile applications and APIs that allow two smartphones to identify each other and connect by being bumped together
CarWoo S09 CarWoo! is an online new-car buying service and marketplace.
DailyBooth S09 exited Acquired by Airbnb in 2012. DailyBooth lets users follow their friends and update them in real-time through the use of pictures and status updates.
DirectedEdge S09 Directed Edge delivers e-commerce and social recommendations using existing data such as purchase or click histories
FanChatter S09 FanChatter fuels your fans so they can promote you better than any ad ever could.
Flightcaster S09 exited Acquired by Next Jump in 2011. FlightCaster predicts flight delays
GraffitiGeo S09 exited Acquired by Loopt. Users leave brief reviews of restaurants, or just a thumbs up or thumbs down, like a highly condensed version of Yelp
HighlightCam S09 Create amazing movies right from your iOS or Android device - automatically!
InstantQ S09 InstantQ allows restaurants to fill tables by varying prices to increase demand.
Jobpic S09 dead
Jobspice S09 JobSpice is a surprisingly easy-to-use, intuitive online tool for creating a resume.
Lingt S09 exited Acquired by in 2010. Lingt is a service for learning languages that helps teachers enable their students to speak
Listia S09 Listia, which launched in August 2009, is eBay for free stuff.
Lockitron S09 Keyless entry using your phone.
MeetingMix S09 Save time writing your agenda and minutes.
Mixpanel S09 Mixpanel is an advanced analytics service that helps improve web and mobile applications by tracking how users interact & engage with them
Olark S09 Olark is a lightweight tool to chat with visitors to your website using your existing instant messaging client.
Plurchase S09 dead Plurchase is an online social shopping site.
RentHop S09 Search NYC Apartments and Listings by Location. Find New York City Apartment Rentals. Contact Landlords Online.
RethinkDB S09 exited Acquired by Cloud Native Compute Foundation in February 2017. The open-source database for the realtime web.
Tuxebo S09 Tuxebo connects people looking for things to rent from local rental companies.
Wakemate S09 Personalized alarm clocks that sync with a user's body and their iPhone, enabling the alarm to sound after a REM cycle
WePay S09 WePay is an online payments platform for individuals, organizations, and businesses.
Adioso W09 Adioso is a better search and booking app for leisure travel.
AirBnb W09 A community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique spaces around the world – online or from a mobile phone
Cloudkick W09 exited Cloudkick is a centralized web-based control hub for cloud servers.
Divvyshot W09 exited Divvyshot allows groups of friends to share their photos easily, at their full resolutions.
Echodio W09 dead Echodio makes it easy to keep iTunes music libraries in sync, securely backed up and streamable from anywhere.
Foodoro W09 Foodoro is a marketplace where people can buy specialty food directly from artisanal Foodmakers.
Heyzap W09 Heyzap is a premier mobile ad network that helps millions of users discover apps they love.
Nambii W09 dead Nambii is an online dating service with iPhone applications that allow users to send and receive flirts with people around them.
Picurio W09 Picurio is web-based photo sharing and photo management software.
PocketFunGames W09 dead pocketfungames is a game developer for the iPhone that focuses on games with strong social components.
Propable W09 dead Propable was a suite of online management and investment analysis tools for property investors.
Skysheet W09 Skysheet is a web-based spreadsheet, in stealth mode as of March 2009.
TheSixtyOne W09 dead thesixtyone is Digg for new music, a social filter for the tsunami of indie creativity hitting the web.
Voxli W09 dead Voxli offers browser-based group voice chat for gamers and teams.
Wattvision W09 Wattvision offers a simple idea - Monitor your energy consumption in realtime from the web.
reMail W09 exited ReMail is an email app that downloads all your email to your iPhone and offers a comprehensive email search.
Anyvite S08 Anyvite is a free site dedicated to event invitation creation and group organization.
AwesomeHighlighter S08 dead A company that provides a tool that enables you to go to a website and highlight information to save for later or share with your friends
Backtype S08 exited BackType is a marketing intelligence platform that helps brands and agencies understand the business impact of social media.
CO2Stats S08 Helps website owners understand the electricity usage and carbon emissions associated with site usage, then helps them manage their carbon footprint
ContestMachine S08 ContestMachine is a web service that makes running promotions from any website easy.
Frogmetrics S08 Touchscreen platforms for effortless data collection.
Ididwork S08 ididwork is an online tool that allows employees to keep track of the work they do over time.
Meetcast S08 dead Browser-based software that enables real time interaction, including sharing documents and images, screen sharing, etc.
People and Pages S08 dead A service similar to Google Groups, allowing group organizers to manage email lists and publish to the web in one place
Picwing S08 exited Picwing is a photo sharing platform that enables users to share their photos through a variety of sources.
PollEverywhere S08 The best way to create stylish real-time experiences for events using mobile devices.
PopCuts S08 dead Popcuts is a unique online music store. Buy music. Make money.
Posterous S08 exited Posterous was focused on making blogging simple - as simple as sending an email.
Precognate S08 dead
Scoopler S08 The artist-formerly-known-as Scoopler is a real-time search engine.
Slinkset S08 exited Slinkset is a white label social news platform that allows anyone to start a social news site and integrate it into their own website.
Snipd S08 dead Grab pieces of enjoyable content from any page, save them online, and share without having to copy/paste using a simple bookmarklet.
Socialbrowse S08 dead SocialBrowse is a Firefox extension for sharing links.
Startuply S08 dead Startup companies. Startup jobs. Jobs at the world's best angel- and venture-backed web, media, and technology companies.
TicketStumbler S08 dead TicketStumbler is a secondary ticket market search engine and comparison website.
UrbanTakeover S08 dead
Vidly / Fliggo S08 dead Vidly, formerly known as TwitVid (or, wants to be the easiest way to share video on the web.
Youlicit S08 dead A web content recommendation engine that leverages the wisdom of the crowds to return the most recommended sites related to a website or topic
280 North W08 exited Acquired by Motorola for $20 MM in 2010. 280 North was a web application company based on their application framework, Cappuccino
8aweek W08 dead A Firefox extension that monitors surfing behavior to let you know when you spend too much time on time wasting sites
Chatterous W08 Group chat using the web, IM, email, or phone
Deluux W08 dead Deluux aims to relocate the center of peoples' online identities to their personal websites instead of a single social network
FathomDB W08 exited Acquired by Meteor in October 2014. Databases as a service, taking care of the many tasks database admins deal with, and letting them focus on more complex issues
Heroku W08 exited Acquired by Salesforce for $212 MM in 2010. Heroku is a multi-language cloud application platform, or platform-as-a-service
Insoshi W08 dead Insoshi is an open-source open networking platform.
Joberator W08 A search, recruitment and talent acquisition platform connecting skilled professionals with in-demand employers
Kirkland North W08 dead A game that pits sections of campuses against each other in a virtual battle for university-wide domination
Machine Zone W08 A real-time messaging and analytics platform for managing real time data streams
MightyQuiz W08 dead User-generated quiz questions that can be answered and rated on-site or through a distributable widget
Mixwit W08 dead Mixwit describes itself as a combination of Slide and iTunes
Ninite W08 The easiest, fastest way to update or install software
Omnisio W08 exited Acquired by Google for $15 MM in 2008. Omnisio lets users annotate videos and mash various clips up
RescueTime W08 A web-based time management tool that keeps track of what you do and for how long when you are on your computer
Snaptalent W08 dead Snaptalent powers a distributed job advertisement network primarily meant for developer listings
Tipjoy W08 dead A social payments engine that allowed userse to easily collect 'tips' from their followings as Paypal transfers
Webmynd W08 A browser plugin that tries to improve the way you search
Wundrbar W08 dead Wundrbar wants to improve upon the search bar experience by providing users with powerful inline commands
YumDots W08 dead YumDots wants to be the go-to mobile application for finding places to eat when out on the town
Adpinion S07 dead Adpinion tried to get rid of the antagonism between advertisers and web surfers by letting you vote for the ads you want S07 exited Acquired by imeem in 2008. lets you upload your music collection and play your music anywhere from the web
Appjet S07 exited Acquired by Google in 2009. AppJet ws an online programming tool for building simple web apps.
Biographicon S07 dead Biographicon was a wiki-based website containing biographies of famous and non-famous people.
Bountii S07 A price search engine that lets you browse the best deals on electronics and appliances from top stores like Amazon
Clickpass S07 exited Acquired by Yola in 2008. Clickpass made OpenID easy to use
Cloudant S07 exited Acquired by IBM in 2014. The Cloudant Data Layer is the cloud database service managed by experts
Disqus S07 Beautiful, real-time, engaging discussions for your website
Draftmix S07 Fantasy sports fans can sign up and play pickup games against other players on the site for virtual dollars or for real money
Dropbox S07 exited IPO (NASDAQ: DBX) in 2018. A file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and personal cloud software
Fuzzwich S07 dead A browser-based 2D animation studio
Reble S07 dead Windows software that allows users to stream music from friends who also have installed Reble
SlapVid S07 dead A video site built on P2P technology that allows users to find and watch videos pulled from top video sites
SocialPicks S07 exited Acquired by FinancialContent in 2009. An online community where investors share investment ideas with each other
Songkick S07 An online database of concerts for music enthusiasts
Splashup S07 dead An online image editing service that provided advanced tools with image editing layer effects S07 exited Acquired by Amazon in 2014. A live streaming video platform focused on video gaming and eSports
Zecter S07 exited Acquired by Motorola in 2010. Zecter created technology to make it easy to share files with others over the internet
iJigg S07 dead A social music site that lets users vote on submitted singles using Digg-like voting
Auctomatic W07 exited Acquired by Live Current Media in 2008. An auction and marketplace management system for individual sellers on sites like Ebay and Amazon
Buxfer W07 Buxfer is the next-generation personal finance solution, taking money management to the web
Heysan W07 exited Acquired by Good Technology in May 2009. Heysan was a free mobile messaging and community
Octopart W07 A search engine for electronic parts
Parakey W07 exited Acquired by Facebook in July 2007. Parakey was a Web-based computer user interface
SocialMoth W07 dead Socialmoth is a community to post your thoughts anonymously
Tsumobi W07 A J2ME compatible programming language to download mobile apps for Tsumobi-enabled sites
View3 W07 dead
VirtualMin W07 A powerful and flexible web hosting control panel for Linux and BSD systems
Weebly W07 Weebly is an AJAX website creator that allows you to create pages with template skins and content widgets
Whitenoise Networks W07 dead Whitenoise is like a social network for the music industry
Writewith W07 dead A collaborative writing web app, enabling you to easily write, edit, and publish a document with a group
Zenter W07 exited Acquired by Google in June 2007. Zenter provided software for creating online slide presentations
JamGlue S06 dead An online community where you can listen to or mix music from a library of user-contributed music
JumpChat S06 dead A platform bridging mobile text messages, email, and IM communication without needing to download anything
LikeBetter S06 dead An online personality test game, where you look at two photos and choose which one you like better
OMGPOP S06 exited Acquired by Zynga for ~$180MM in 2012. A developer/publisher of multiplayer, social and mobile games. Created Draw Something
PollGround S06 dead A social polling site. Easily create surveys and allow the "wisdom of the crowd" to answer your questions
Scribd S06 Join the membership for readers, and get monthly access to books, audiobooks, and more
Shoutfit S06 dead Upload images to create an online closet, and build a network of fashionable friends
Talkito S06 dead A service that enables its users to meet and chat when they visit the same websites.
Thinkature S06 dead An online collaboration environment that allows users to chat and draw diagrams on a shared whiteboard.
Xobni S06 exited Acquired by Yahoo for ~70MM in 2013. Xobni (the word inbox spelled backwards) makes your inbox and address book smarter
AudioBeta W06
Clustrix W06 Clustrix has built a NewSQL database with no limits
Flagr W06 dead Flagr enables users to share places, adding photos, video and descriptions from their mobile phone
InklingMarkets W06 exited Acquired by Cultivate Labs in 2015. Inkling provides a platform for companies to run their own internal or external prediction marketplaces
Snipshot W06 exited Acquired by Ark in 2013. Snipshot is a photo editor that lets you start editing any photo with one click of a bookmarklet
Wufoo W06 exited Acquired by SurveyMonkey for $35MM in 2011. Wufoo's HTML form builder helps you create online web forms
YouOS W06 dead YouOS provides a platform for developers to create and distribute applications that live in a browser-based "desktop" environment
ClickFacts S05 ClickFacts is a Malware Software Solutions company for buyers and sellers of online media.
Infogami S05 exited Merged with Reddit. Infogami is a wiki application framework built on
Kiko S05 exited Sold for $258k on eBay. Kiko was a web calendar for anyone who wants to keep and share a calendar online.
Loopt S05 exited Acquired by Green Dot for $43.4MM. Loopt is a social service that connects people to their community
Memamp S05 dead A better desktop search solution
Reddit S05 exited Acquired by Conde Nast in 2006. A social news website that displays news based on your preferences and what the community likes
Simmery S05 dead
TextPayMe S05 exited Acquired by Amazon for ~$3MM. An SMS payment service that lets you send money to other people using cell phone text messaging